top 5 wednesday: books to read without the synopsis

top 5 wednesday is a weekly challenge where you can pick your top 5 for the topic of the week. you can find more information about it on goodreads.




this weeks topic is: books to read without the synopsis

We all know that some synopsis writers spoil events that happen halfway through the book or have heard reviewers say “its best to go into this one blind.” Discuss those books.

yay, another topic, that i like. usually i try to skip the synopsis when it comes to mystery or thriller books. but recently i discovered some books, i knew nothing about and i am very happy about that, because i think these books would have had a different impact on me, if i knew more about them. so let’s get to the list, shall we?


1.) “red rising” by pierce brown


i didn’t know much about “red rising” before reading it. i knew it was a sci-fi dystopia about life on mars and a character that gets betrayed and needs to survive. that was basically it. and after reading “red rising” i am so happy i didn’t know more. because the synopsis on goodreads gives so much away. i think the first few chapters would have had a totally complete impact on me, if i knew more about the story. so i urge everybody to go into this blind. just know that it is a sci-fi dystopia, survival is essential, badass characters are a given and it is not young adult, because there is a lot of graphic violence. if you are sold, read it 😀


2.) “dark matter” by blake crouch


please do not read the synopsis for “dark matter”. just know, that it will blow your mind and deals with parallel universes. that’s all you need to know. and if you like mysteries and sci-fi elements, this book is perfect for you.


3.) “you” by caroline kepnes


“he waits. he watches. he follows”. that is basically everything you need to know about “you” by caroline kepnes. i think the synopsis gives way too much away about what’s going to happen throughout the book. and since this is a mystery thriller you should basically be sold with those six words. 😀


4.) “blindsighted” by karin slaughter


“blindsighted” is the first book in the grant county series by karin slaughter. the synopsis gives too much away in my opinion. it already says a lot about the relation of different characters and i think all you need to know is, that a murder happened in the local diner of a small town and the pediatrician and coroner of this town is the key to solving the mystery. this book is very graphic and it’s a heavy and emotional read, but so worth it, because you won’t be able to put it down!


5.) “tin man” by sarah winman


i have read “when god was a rabbit” and “the years of marvellous ways” by sarah winman before and fell in love with her writing. so of course i bought “tin man” by her. i didn’t even know, what it was about. and that was very good. i went to the goodreads page afterwards and i think it gives away so much of the book. if you like sarah winman and her writing, just know, that this book deals with relationships and it will break your heart. it’s a little bit hard to get into it, in my opinion, but it totally picks up and the second half of the book is just heartbreaking and will leave you emotionally devastated.



i tried to include different genres and not just mystery thrillers and i am pretty happy about my choices. let me know, if the short description would be enough for you to read these books, or if you are a person who needs more information. 🙂

13 thoughts on “top 5 wednesday: books to read without the synopsis

  1. This topic is so interesting! I’ve always been intrigued by You because it fascinates me that it’s written from a second person point of view. I hate when the synopsis gives away too much information right from the start!

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  2. I’m reading Dark Matter now and going in blind and I’m truly glad I did because it made it that much more interesting. And I totally agree about YOU. That book would blow people’s minds if they had a vague description instead of a detailed one. It blew my mind even with one lol

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