top ten tuesday – ten books older books i forgot how much i loved

hello my lovely friends! ❤ i am back from a great weekend of fun, best friend times, great music, a little bit of stress but all in all an amazing time. i need to catch up on what you have been doing and this might take a while, but don’t worry, i will be on track again. 🙂

now, it’s tuesday and i am participating in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. for this week’s topic i choose “throwback freebie: ten older books i forgot how much i loved”. i thought about the other topics, but i haven’t been blogging for that long, so i just decided to pick older books, that i loved. i hope you like them! 🙂


“ten older books i forgot how much i loved”


1.) “the lord of the rings” by j.r.r. tolkien


ok, what you need to know about me: i refused to go with the hype. why? i have no idea. but that is probably the reason, why i still haven’t read “harry potter”. or why i only read “the hunger games” this year for the first time. i don’t know. i always refused to read or watch, what others did. (yes i am weird!) so, when the third “lord of the rings” movie came out a friend of mine said, that we’re going to see it in the cinema. i told her, i haven’t watched the first movies. so she forced me to watch them and i totally fell in love. i was hooked. so of course i went and bought the books after watching all movies and i remember really loving those too! 🙂


2.) “tender” by mark childress


what you also need to know about me: i am a huge elvis presley fan. i don’t remember since when but it’s been a very long time. i always wanted to go to graceland and when i visited it 8 years ago, a dream came true. that’s why i really loved this book about “elvis”. yes, it’s fiction and the protagonist’s name is leroy kirby, but it’s basically a biography about the king himself and i really enjoyed it, when i read it. music, rock ‘n’ roll and the south – a wonderful combination!


3.) “see jane run” by joy fielding


oh i remember my joy fielding phase. i don’t know, how i got into her books, but i know, that “see jane run” was one of my first mystery thrillers and it was mind blowing. it kept me on edge, because the whole memory loss thing was a concept, that really intrigued me. since then, i really enjoy books about memory loss and the story behind it.


4.) “dead poets society” by n.h. kleinbaum


we saw this movie in school and i remember how shook i was. it is until today one of my favorite movies. after watching it, i found out that there is a book and i bought it immediately. i totally forgot, that i have read this story a couple of times. in german and also in english. if you haven’t done so, please do, because it will definitely have an impact on you!


5.) “kiss an angel” by susan elizabeth phillips


now we are getting into my guilty pleasure phase hahaha 😀 i remember picking up this chick lit and i looooooved it. i loved it so so so much, that i started reading all of susan elizabeth phillips books. and i mean like one sitting reads. i started and read through the night and my dad came into my room leaving the house and just saying, that i am probably crazy 😀 i really loved those chick lits and until today this is the most read author that i have. so, if you love chick lit, then give those books a try.


6.) “the girl with the dragon tattoo” by stieg larsson


with the millenium trilogy it’s the same thing as with “the lord of the rings”. i refused to read them, because they were so hyped. but of course, someone forced me to do it and i loved it. i remember watching the original movies after reading the books and i thought they were so cool. i am glad, that people forced me to read or watch things, because i would really have missed out on a couple of great things. 😀


7.) “tuesdays with morrie” by mitch albom


if you haven’t read a mitch albom book yet, then you really need too! they are amazing! ❤ they are really a lesson in life. they always make you think. and you always take something with you after reading them. i don’t know, which one is my favorite, but i think it has to be “tuesdays with morrie”. i remember how much this book touched me, when i read it!


8.) “twilight” by stephenie meyer


yes, i did. i loved this series back then. i read all four books in a row, because again, i was forced too 😀 and i started “twilight” and remember that i could not put it down, so i bought all of the other books to finish the series in a go. of course these books are trash but we all read them and we all loved them, so stephenie meyer must have done something right. 😀


9.) “the client” by john grisham


i remember reading a lot of john grishams books when i was younger. i really enjoyed them all, but my favorite was by far “the client”. i don’t know why, but i guess it’s because i love the movie so much. i have seen it so many times and it is still a movie, that i watch once in a while. so eventually i bought the book and i loved it too. i think at some point, i need to reread this.


10.) “p.s. i love you” by cecelia ahern


omg how much i cried during this book. it’s been a very long time since i have read this, but i loved it back then. it really shook me and i was so sad after reading it. but it was so good. i also love the movie very much and watch it probably every year. and it always breaks my heart but also gives me hope.



i really tried to pick books i haven’t talked before on my blog. i hope you like my choices. have you read any of these? did you love them as much as i did? let me know in the comments 🙂

24 thoughts on “top ten tuesday – ten books older books i forgot how much i loved

  1. Lol I love what you said about Twilight. I know they have the worst reputation these days, but I had so much fun reading them when they came out I can’t begrudge them the joy they once brought me even if they’re not High Literature hahaha.

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  2. OMG 🙂 🙂 I’m so surprised to see THE CLIENT… Not because I don’t like it but because I love it so much and I’m so sad I rarely see John Grisham’s books in any fave lists. 🙂 The Client is the first ever book I’ve ever read..I was eight so I owe my reading addiction to John Grisham..I’m glad you liked him too. 🙂

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