top 5 wednesday: classes based on book characters

top 5 wednesday is a weekly challenge where you can pick your top 5 for the topic of the week. you can find more information about it on goodreads.




this weeks topic is: classes based on books/characters

It’s back to school season, so let’s discuss some classes you’d like to take either based on books or based on characters’ skills. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO NOT USE HARRY POTTER, because that is too easy. You are supposed to make up your own classes. For example, you could use How to Dismantle a Dystopian Regime for The Hunger Games or Archery 101 with Katniss.

oh i love this topic! it will be so hard to reduce it to five classes, but i will give it my best!


1.) “how to survive on mars”


you thought i’m gonna do a post without mentioning one of my favorite characters? nope, no way! i HAD to include “the martian”. i mean, first of all there is mark watney. this guy is amazing. i love him, he is hilarious! but most important, he knows how to survive on mars. alone. he knows all the mechanics, he knows how to grow potatoes (i love potatoes) and he knows how to not get crazy! so yeah, i want to learn everything from him! gimme that class please!


2.) “how to plan a heist”


yeah, i know what you may be thinking. a heist alex? it’s not that i would do something like that. it’s just, i would like to know, what’s going on in someone’s head, when he is planning the biggest heist of all time. i feel that it will be hard to get some information out of kaz brekker, but i just want to be near him and listen to what he has to say! 😀 ❤ i also wouldn’t mind to stare at him all the time, if he decided not to speak at all! 😀


3.) “fangirl 101”


so, i was thinking about “fangirling” and i wasn’t sure, which character i should include. of course there is cath from “fangirl” by rainbow rowell. but she writes fanfiction and i am not that interested in doing that myself. then there is eliza from “eliza and her monsters” by francesca zappia, but she is doing comics and that’s not my thing either. but then there is elle from “geekerella”. and elle has a blog. and she is a fangirl. so this one fits perfectly. i would love to chat about her and hear her thoughts on everything related to fandom and blogging. i think this would be a really fun class. 🙂


4.) “introduction into yummy cookies”


ok guys, we’re getting serious here. i can’t cook. like at all. the reason for this is, because i am very impatient and when i want food, i want it now. that’s why i am never in my kitchen. like really never. just for coffee hahaha. but i would love to be able to bake cookies. that would be amazing. and since lara jean is such a nice girl and knows how to bake all the great cookies in the world, i think an introduction from her would be sooooo cool. imagine all those cookies and the great time you’re spending with lara jean? yepp, sign me up! 😀


5.) “what to know about hiking?”


i really like to be outside and taking walks. i am also a fan of hiking, which i did during my stay in the usa and also on my roadtrip in ireland. it was so much fun. i would love to be doing this more often and it would be amazing to hike a really long trail, for a couple of weeks. to get out. to clear my head. but i am sure, as a beginner there is a lot to know about hiking. what to take with you? what to watch out for? and since cheryl strayed did it the hardest way possible, it would be amazing taking a class with her, were she goes into detail. that would be so interesting!



that are my classes guy! would you like to be part of one of them? which classes would you take with your favorite characters? let me know in the comments! 🙂

21 thoughts on “top 5 wednesday: classes based on book characters

  1. I love your picks! I would totally take a class taught by Kaz, no matter what it is 😍 And The Martian, yess! How to live on potatoes class might be very useful for me since I love potatoes so much 😂

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