calendar girls: best contemporary novel

hello lovely bookoholics! ❤ recently i joined the calender girls. whoooop whooop! now you may ask: “what are the calendar girls?”. of course i will give you an introduction:



calendar girls is a monthly blog event, that was created by melanie and flavia. this book group was inspired by the 1961 song “calendar girl” by neil sedaka and is supposed to motivate bookish discussions among bloggers. every month a theme is chosen by all participants and you are supposed to pick a book that in your opinion fits that theme perfectly. on the first monday in the month you publish your pick and the reasons why you think this book is the best in the chosen category. the hostess’ collect all picks and every third sunday of the month the picks are discussed on twitter with the hashtag #CGBChat at 8pm EST.

if you want to know more about the calendar girls, head over to melanie’s and flavia’s blogs. 🙂


“september, i light the candles at your sweet sixteen.”

the theme for september is: BEST CONTEMPORARY NOVEL


now, as you may know me, i loooooove my contemporaries, especially ya-romance contemporaries. i just get lost in them. and i have a few, that are my favorites, but i just can’t pick them all. there will be some picks down below, but as for my pick of the month and best contemporary novel, i will choose a fiction book i have read recently and that kind of broke and warmed my heart at the same time. my pick is:



a man called ove” by fredrik backman

you may ask: why alex? why are you picking this, when there are so many ya books that you love? the answer to this is very easy: “a man called ove” is phenomenal. i didn’t know what to expect, when i started it. i picked it up, because a friend of mine watched the movie adaptation and he thought it was a great movie. and since i prefer books, i picked it up. i read it in one sitting. there was no way i could put down that book.

“a man called ove” is about an old, grumpy man, that’s our ove. he isn’t nice to people, he is grumpy all the time and he wants to be left alone. there is a reason, why ove is living this life. and this reason is revealed throughout the book. the chapters jump from past to present and you slowly realize, why ove is person he is. you get to know his story. at the same time in the present, he gets to know the new neighbors, who change his life, because they won’t leave ove alone. he has no chance to escape but it’s not a bad thing and at the end of the book you will know why.

this is a beautiful book about relationships and friendships with a phenomenal cast of characters. the story is heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time. i cried so much during this book! it warmed my heart, it broke it, like a lot of times. this book is just so emotional and absolutely nothing that i expected. it’s definitely one of my favorite books and i will always recommend it to contemporary lovers, because it is just so amazing! ❤ ❤ ❤



since i am also a sucker for ya contemporary romances or ya contemporaries in general, here are some of my favorites, which won’t surprise anyone, because i already talked about them a lot 😀



“the fault in our stars” by john green is by far my favorite ya contemporary. still, after so many years, i love this book. it breaks me everytime. i love the characters, i love the story, i love the writing, i love the quotes, i love everything about this! ❤



“the sun is also a star” by nicola yoon became one of my favorites this year, because it is a wonderful story, that takes place throughout a day. the characters are diverse and beautiful, the writing is great and in the end you will cry. loved it! ❤



“the perks of being a wallflower” by stephen chbosky is a favorite since many years. i loved the book so much and i also enjoyed the movie, which soundtrack is still as a playlist on my phone. it’s a wonderful story about growing up and charlie as a character will warm his way into your heart! ❤



“fangirl” by rainbow rowell is my favorite because of levi. ok, not just because of levi, i love this book in general. i really could related to cath, i loved the development of the characters and the romance is just so cute. i would love to read more about those characters and i will definitely be rereading this soon! 🙂 ❤



“looking for alaska” by john green took me by surprise. i knew i would love it, because it’s john green and i think if you once love john green, then your love stays throughout all books by him. i knew nothing about this book, when i started it. i read it one night in one sitting and i was heartbroken. i cried like a baby and i wasn’t able to formulate my thoughts about this for a while. the story and characters stuck with me and wouldn’t let me go. it’s definitely one of my favorites. ❤



that’s it guys. that were some of my favorite contemporaries and my pick of the month for september. i am excited to find out the other picks from the girls and discuss with them. if you want to join, please do. and now, let me know what you think is the best contemporary novel! 🙂

25 thoughts on “calendar girls: best contemporary novel

  1. I have come very close to picking up A man called Ove in my last couple trips to the books store. I’m going to have to give a try now.

    Excellent choices here. YA Romance novels are a beautiful thing. I could read nothing but those for the rest of my life and be happy about it.

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  2. ahh I LOVED A Man Called Ove! Have you read any of Frederick Backman’s other books? They’re really good too 😊
    I also love Fangirl and The Sun is Also A Star and The Fault in Our Stars.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A Man called OVE needs to be added to my TBR! You’re the second one that I’ve followed in two days to sing its praise. Now I’ve never really liked John Green’s books and I don’t know why. It simply does not work for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve seen your pick for this month like EVERYWHERE! And while it doesn’t sound like something I’d normally read, I am inexplicably drawn to this book! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for participating in Calendar Girls! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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