“throne of glass” review & buddy read discussion – part II (spoilers ahead)

happy sunday my lovely bookoholics! ❤ it’s done! it really is done! i have finished “throne of glass” by sarah j. maas. and before you read on, i need to tell you, that i really, really, reeeeeally enjoyed it! 😀

i’ve read the first book in the series with the bestest of the best darque dreamer over @darquedreamerreads and it was so much fun! we made a blog event out of it and did a q&a for each part of the book. first our expectations, then our thoughts on part 1 and then a q&a for the second half of the book, which you can read below. we will definitely be reading the whole series together, so watch out for that! 😀



if you don’t know about the book, here is a quick synopsis. “throne of glass” is about 18 year old celaena, who was trained to be an assassin and ends up as a slave. she is freed by crown prince dorian to participate in a competition, where the winner becomes the new assassin of the royal family. celaena doesn’t think twice, because she wants her freedom. but with her being in that competition, things start to happen, that make her life complicated: friendships, feelings, killings, magic & mystery.

“throne of glass” is the first book in the series. here are some of my stats:

title: throne of glass
author: sarah j. maas
genre: ya fantasy
type: paperback
pages: 405 pages
start: 27.08.2017
finish: 01.09.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5



before i get into my review, i want to share our q&a with you. again, be warned, that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!! 😀

1.) what do you think about the love triangle now after book 1?

darque dreamer: “I think the love triangle was well done. It was not distracting, it was not whiny or annoying, and I felt like it was a true fitting love triangle because Celaena was able to get close to both men, and of course there would be feelings developing for the two men that showed her compassion after her year of hell.”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “it already kind of broke my heart. i really, really don’t know, which side i am on. i loved, how honest dorian was and i really think, that he developed strong feelings for celaena. but there is also chaol, whose feelings are also honest. he loves that girl. and she just doesn’t know. it’s so hard. i had a little bit of a feeling, that she was playing with them, but i really think, that she has too much on her plate and did the right decision in the end. but this was definitely not the end of the whole love triangle.”

2.) what are your thoughts on nehemia and her powers?

darque dreamer: “I had a feeling for a while that Nehemia had some sort of powers or knowledge of magic and the wyrdmarks. I really love that she tried to protect Celaena!!”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i am really happy about that. for a short time i had a feeling, that she is bad and everything was a game and she plotted against celaena. i was so happy, how it turned out and i loved the deep friendship. i want to see more of nehemias powers, because i think there is so much adventure waiting for us.”

3.) what part of the second half did you enjoy and what not?

darque dreamer: “I really loved the part where Dorian sees Celaena’s red candy teeth, lol! That was so cute and funny! I enjoyed the whole second half of the book and the only thing I disliked was psycho Kaltain poisoning Celaena, but we were meant to not like that, lol!”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i really enjoyed, that is was funny too. the book never lost this part and that made me really happy. i also enjoyed the whole scene with the ridderak, which caught me by surprise and i was on edge. the fight in the end was also executed very well in my opinion. there were three things i didn’t like. the whole ball scene was too much for me. the love drama was too much and i caught myself rolling my eyes (because yes, i do not like love triangles). i wanted action at that point and i got love drama and i didn’t enjoy it. the second thing was the resolution with the killer. i mean, it was executed well but it was obvious and i expected a bigger bang! i wanted it to be someone unexpected. but well, you can’t have it all. and the last thing that i did not like, was how easy celaena got drugged. i see why it was important, but she should have know better.”

4.) how do you feel about the revelation of the wyrdmarks?

darque dreamer: “I want to learn more about the wyrdmarks. I hope we get more history because that was a little vague. From what I understood, there were marks used for good and marks used for evil, and the marks could appear on people too. I hope we get more on that in the series!”

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “i really liked how they were explained. but i also think, that there is way more to it and that they will play a bigger part in the series. i want to see more and i am excited which creatures or who else will come from them.”

5.) will you read the next book and if so, what are you thoughts on a maybe rebellion?

darque dreamer: “I will definitely read the next book. Hopefully with you, lol! I don’t think book 2 will hold the rebellion, because I feel like its too soon. But, I feel like its coming in the future, and I think that Nehemia and the rebels deserve some justice. Down with the King!!

coffeeloving_bookoholic: “yeees, definitely. i liked the first book more than i thought and i want to know what’s going to happen. i want to see a big rebellion against the king and i want to see more magic and just in general, i want more! :D”



i hope, you liked our q&a’s and thanks so much for coming along with us and reading. it was so much fun. now, i want to share some more thoughts on the book, so here’s my little mini review:

first of all, yes, i am a fan now. i didn’t think i would be, but i am. i had so much fun reading this book, because well, it was fun. the humor came unexpected and i laughed so much. i mean, a book where the monthly cycle of an assassin is causing some trouble, come on! 😀 i also loved the candy scene and in general, this book has some great teasing and i laughed. i want more of that.

then there were all those feelings. the friendship between celaena and nehemia was wonderfully done. not just some action and the thought of betrayal. the saving, the honesty in the end, i loved every bit of it. i definitely want to see them side by side in the future. also all the feelings i got with that love triangle. i really hate them, but here, it just fits so good, because it seems honest. i was back and forth with my choice. who do i want her to be with? i really don’t know. i love them all equally and i was happy for two and sad for the others. and all changed within minutes. just please don’t let there be too much heartbreak.

as for the mystery and magic. it was done so well. it didn’t reveal too much, so that there is more to look forward too. i want to see celaena get magical powers and i want to see what elenas words mean. is there some relation, what will come in the future? so many questions i want answers to. and that just shows me, how well done this book is.

a big part, that i really liked, but which just came at the very end, was the involvement of the king. holy crap! that will be interesting. i had no idea, that the king was working on something with the duke. it totally caught me by surprise and i love when books do that to me! give me more!

all in all, “throne of glass” was very enjoyable. the writing was great, i absolutely had no problems following the story and also the change of the point of views was very well done! i enjoyed sarah j. maas’ writing and all my expectations were fulfilled.

if you want an action packed ya-fantasy with great character development, an interesting story, humor, feelings and a mystery, then “throne of glass” is perfect for you. sometimes the hype is true and thanks to my buddy read with darque dreamer, i enjoyed this first book even more. 🙂



thanks again for reading guys and let us know, what you thought of “throne of glass”. there is another q&a on darque dreamers blog, so go check it out.  🙂 and now for last: should we continue with the series? will you read it now? let us know!

17 thoughts on ““throne of glass” review & buddy read discussion – part II (spoilers ahead)

  1. I’ve loved reading your buddy reads! While I’m not the hugest fan of this series, I did find the second book a lot more thrilling than the first, so I’m really interested to see how you like it when you get to that one!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow what a great idea to do a buddy read and q&a’s and a mini review 💕💖 I agree with the points you’ve made about the things you didn’t really like on the question 3. I was expecting a bigger bang too for the Reveal and I felt a bit short changed due to how predictable it was. The love triangle kind of confused me as I couldn’t really see much of chemistry between Dorian and Celeana but Chaol made my heart skip a beat once or twice 😉 I will pick the second book up eventually lol 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay! So glad you enjoyed it! I agree with all the things you enjoyed about the book and the things that bothered you. There was a quite bit more love drama than expected, the killer was predictable, and Celaena definitely should have known better when drinking that wine haha. But it was a fun and enjoyable read and I especially liked the friendship between Nehemia and Celaena. If you enjoyed this one, I think you’ll love the second one, which is many people’s favorite, it seems 😀 I’m excited to read your thoughts on that one!
    Awesome Q&A and review 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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