top 5 wednesday: favorite bromances

top 5 wednesday is a weekly challenge where you can pick your top 5 for the topic of the week. you can find more information about it on goodreads.




this weeks topic is: favorite bromances

bromance = platonic relationship between two characters who identify as male.

yes, let’s get the guys some love over here! 😀 i love a good bromance, i mean, who doesn’t! i am in general i very big fan of well developed friendships in books, because a true friend always stays at your side, no matter what! so let’s get to some of my favorite bromances:


1.) “the lord of the rings” by j.r.r. tolkien – frodo & sam


frodo and sam have the broest bromance ever, i think! 😀 i mean, we all know how they support each other, how they are there for each other and go through everything they go through together. for me, this is an example of a perfect bromance.


2.) “the darker shade of magic” by v.e. schwab – kell & rhy


oh my god, i love those two! at the beginning i was a little sceptic towards rhy but i love how the friendship between kell and him developed and that they are always there for each other. and you know what i mean by that! they are not biological brothers but their relationship goes that far, that you really can consider them as brothers. i love them and i hope we’ll get to see more of them in v.e. schwabs new trilogy! :O ❤


3.) “six of crows” by leigh bardugo – kaz & jesper


jesper is a funny guy. and you can laugh a lot about what he’s saying. but he is also a guy, that is a little bit naive and not careful. but of course there is kaz and kaz tries to get jesper on the right path. i love how kaz is looking out for jesper and although he isn’t saying it, kaz really appreciates jesper. and jesper looks up to kaz and wants to do everything right. i think these two are a great combination and although not many words are said, everybody knows that they like each other very much! 🙂


4.) “the outsiders” by s.e. hinton – the greasers


it’s kind of hard to pick the best bromance in “the outsiders”, that’s why i am going to pick all of the greasers. this group of friends is always there for each other. they protect each other, they help each other and try everything, that nobody gets hurt. every boy is kind of damaged and has family issues, but the boys are always around and that makes a great friendship. i love the greasers! 🙂


5.) “red rising” by pierce brown – darrow & sevro


i had little problems reading “red rising” but i had never problems with the characters. and one thing i enjoyed very much is the friendship between darrow and sevro. it’s great to see how they become close throughout the book and how darrow can rely on sevro. i definitely want more of them! 🙂



so, do you agree with me? are there any bromances you didn’t like at all? what are your favorite bromances? let me know! 🙂

27 thoughts on “top 5 wednesday: favorite bromances

  1. I love that you highlighted Kaz and Jesper, they have such a complicated relationship through the books but I love their friendship!! Especially at the end when Kaz basically says he misses Jesper :’)

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  2. Jem and Will – Infernal Devices!

    Uhmuhm.. God, there are so many that I can’t even think of more right now.
    [Consider this my brain being mush after forcing myself to work today – which I’m not succeeding at, apparently, since I’m commenting here, haha!]

    Apart from books, though!
    Alaric and Damon in The Vampire Diaries, haha!

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