top ten tuesday – top ten hidden gems in mystery/thriller

i am participating in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. this week’s topic is “top ten hidden gems in the genre of your choice”. i have a feeling, that a lot of people will be choosing YA as their genre, so i am going to be bold here and recommend some of my favorite mystery/crime/thriller books. yepp, y’all heard me: let’s get dark and twisted muhahaha 😀


“top ten hidden gems in mystery/thriller”


1.) “dark matter” by blake crouch


yes, i know i am starting with a book that has sci-fi elements. but hear me out, ok? this book is also a thriller and mystery. yes, it will blow your mind, completely, because after reading this, you will stare at the wall and think about what’s going on in this world. it’s a fast read and i looooove the mystery behind it. i already talked about this book but i can’t recommend it enough, because parallel universes, come on!!! the premise is soooo good and you won’t be able to not like it, because it’s mind blowing!


2.) “tell no one” by harlan coben


finally i can talk a little bit more about my man harlan coben. 😀 yes, i like that guy. i have read a lot of thrillers by him. but this one and i have a very special relationship, because “tell no one” is the reason, my book obsession started. (so thank you very much). i read this on a friday evening on my phone. yepp. i saw it, i wanted to read something and then everything else just happened. i got lost in this thriller and i loved it. the twist, oh my god, the twists! holy maccaroni. please don’t read the synopsis because it tells too much. just hear me out: this is about a guy who loses his wife and eight years later, while still grieving, receives a very interesting message, that turns his life upside down. bam bam bam. go with it 😀


3.) “before i go to sleep” by s.j. watson

before i go to sleep

i read “before i go to sleep” in one sitting. i wasn’t even able to put that one down. it’s about a woman, who wakes up and doesn’t remember anything. but she finds a notebook, that is hidden in her closet and she starts to read it. it’s a diary she writes for herself everyday. slowly she realizes there aren’t many people she can trust and she’s searching for the truth what happened to her and why she’s forgetting everything after she falls asleep. it’s really, really good. i need to watch the movie at some point.


4.) “the girl on the train” by paula hawkins


i have a very interesting relationship with “the girl on the train” by paula hawkins. i didn’t like the ending, but i think that’s something everyone has to find out for themselves, if they like it or not. it wasn’t for me. BUT, the book is really good. it’s weird, it’s confusing, you ask yourself a lot, what the hell is going on? you basically have no idea, what is happening in that book. and that’s what kept me turning the pages. it was such a fast read, because i couldn’t put it down!


5.) “the ice twins” by s.k. tremayne


a friend of mine told me about this book and i was kind of interested in it, so i picked it up. this is another one, where the ending is hit or miss. either your mind is blown away or you are disappointed. for me it didn’t matter that much, because this was another thriller, that i could not put down. i was turning the pages and it was so weird. it f*** with my mind. i didn’t know what to think anymore. soooo crazy. if you want a page turner and be creeped out, then read this 😀


6.) “the keeper of lost causes” by jussi adler-olsen


department q – the department where the police of copenhagen wants to get rid of detective carl mørck. he gets to work on very old cases, what were never solved. and suddenly he finds one, that interests him very much. i remember reading this mystery and i loved it. it also blew my mind and was a very enjoyable read. jussi adler-olsen released a lot of books about carl mørck and i’ve read a few, but this was by far the best one for me. it’s a crime series and if you are into crime books, you’ll love the series and all the cases carl mørck works on.


7.) “just one look” by harlan coben


yes i know, another one. but i just need to, they are so so sooooo good. as i said before, it’s good to know as less as possible about his books, because it’s so much for fun then! 😀 what you need to know: a woman finds an old photograph, where she sees her husband in it. then she confronts him and suddenly he is missing. whaaaaaat? you’ll have fun reading this!


8.) “child” by sebastian fitzek



i don’t know if you know about sebastian fitzek. he is a german author and he writes really creepy and amazing thrillers. i read them in the german language, but i know for a fact, that “the child” got translated into english. i don’t know if there are more books translated. but this one is gooooood. i mean, there is this boy and he says, that he was a serial killer before he was born. whaaaaat?? yes, read it. it’s very good and full of twists you won’t see coming!


9.) “the girl with the dragon tattoo” by stieg larsson


i’m sure you’ve all heard about “the girl with the dragon tattoo”. it’s the first book in the millenium series by stieg larsson. the books were adapted into movies, which are also good”, but i really prefer the books. the first book is my favorite of the trilogy. it’s about mikael blomkvist, who gets a very good offer to work on a case with a missing person. and then all the trouble begins.


10.) “blindsighted” by karin slaugther


now, the reason why i picked this book for last, is because it’s so good! and you always say: last but definitely not least, haha. now, let’s be serious. this book is a phenomenal thriller. it’s also full of twists and it’s the start of the “grant county” series. it’s about the pediatrician and coroner sara linton and police chief jeffrey tolliver and about a murder that happens in the local diner. and then the guessing starts and the danger is coming. it’s really suspenseful and a lot of fun. but be aware: it is very graphic, so if you have a light stomach, maybe this isn’t for you. but i love karin slaughters books. she knows, how to write a good thriller.



that’s it guys. that were some of my recommendations for mystery and thriller books. i hope you liked it and let me know if you have read any of these and if you plan on diving into the mystery/thriller genre. 🙂

30 thoughts on “top ten tuesday – top ten hidden gems in mystery/thriller

  1. Great pick, Alex! I love Dark Matter and I also read Before I Go to Sleep and A Girl on the Train. And yes, I do know Sebastian Fitzik! I actually read his The Nightwalker sometime around May??? and I really loved it! As you said, his writing exudes the creepiness really well and it was kind of mind-bending as well! I need to check The Child as well!

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  2. I have a copy of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and have always been intimidated by its size. Hopefully in the future I will pick it up!

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