#sequelseptember tbr

the wonderful and awesome kathy over @books & munches came up with a great idea: sequel september! it basically means to read all your sequels you still have on your shelves. since i have a couple of those sitting there and waiting for me to pick them up, i decided to participate in sequel september and join kathy in her battle. 😀



now on to the books, that are still on my shelves. currently i can choose between those sequels and i will post just the first book, if the series consists of more.


1.) “godsgrave” by jay kristoff


well, technically i am not owning this book yet 😀 but it is pre-ordered and it will be on it’s way soon and then there is nothing that will keep me from reading this book! 😀


2.) “scarlet” by marissa meyer


i started the “lunar chronicles” a couple of months ago. i really enjoyed “cinder”, even though it was nothing special. but i bought the rest of the series immediately, but never finished it…


3.) “the fear” by charlie higson


i started this series last year and i really enjoyed the first two books. dystopia and zombies, oh yeah! one of my goals this year was to finish this series, which consists of seven books. but unfortunately, since i made this goal, i haven’t touched the books 😀 maybe sequel september will finally help.


4.) “golden son” by pierce brown


since i recently started this series with “red rising” and i want to know how the story goes, i maybe will pick up “golden son” in september. i don’t want to leave too much time in between the books.


5.) “dragonfly in amber” by diana gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon

well, i am stuck in this for four months now. it’s time to get on. maybe sequel september will give me the push i need to go on with the series, because i really want to read how it develops.


6.) “a clash of kings” by george r.r. martin


i only have a couple of pages left in “a game of thrones”, so this could be the perfect time to pick up this series again. but i am sure, that i won’t get to it. but, you never know until you know, you know? 😀



what about you? how many sequels do you have on your shelf? will you be participating in the sequel september?

30 thoughts on “#sequelseptember tbr

  1. Love the idea! I’ll probably participate in it (low key) xD
    I absolutely love love love TLC, it gets better with every book and it’s just pure fun despite all the danger these characters put themselves in. I hope you enjoy them! ^^
    I have nothing to say atm about godsgrave other than that it caused me paaaaaiiinn …in a good way, ofc… so beware!!

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  2. I’ve read the second Outlander book and it was excellent! I’m currently listening to the second Game of Thrones book on Audible and I’m really enjoying that too. I like to listen to the really huge books like that because I don’t get discouraged about how long it’s taking me to finish them!

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