popular authors i haven’t read yet

hello lovely people. today i thought, i’ll do a post about all the popular authors out there, that i haven’t read yet. i really want to change that but we’ll see, when that will happen 😀

some of you may be shocked about some of these authors but what can i say? i came into the book world way too late and i need to catch up 😀 so let’s get started!


1.) j.k. rowling


yes, as you may know by now, i haven’t read “harry potter” or anything else by j.k. rowling. i know, it’s a shame but i will get there. i know that i will. the right moment just hasn’t happened yet. and maybe i’ll just read it and never tell you about it, so you won’t know what i think hahaha. no, i won’t do that. i am really excited for the “harry potter” series and i am prepared. i just need to start at some point.


2.) sarah j. maas


sarah j. maas is another author i haven’t picked up yet. the reason behind this, is, that i don’t know, if it will work. i heard so many good things about her books. but i also heard a lot of bad things. so, i don’t know what really to expect. i have to say, that i am excited to read her books and i expect them to be good. and my not knowing will change the upcoming week, but you will get more information about that soon. 🙂


3.) maggie stiefvater


“the raven boys” sounds like a book that i would love. everybody is so happy about that series and really loves it. i own the first book, because i want to give it a try at some point. i don’t really know what to expect and i also don’t know, what it’s about, but that’s a good thing, because i don’t really want to know too much going into books. i also haven’t read “the wolves of mercy falls” series by maggie stiefvater, so i can’t say anything about her writing. it will all be new to me! 🙂


4.) cassandra clare


cassandra clare is an author i am afraid of a little bit. it’s just the amount of books that exist in her shadowhunters world, that really freak me out. because if i don’t like “city of bones”, i probably won’t give the other ones a try. which would be a shame, because everybody is so happy about all the series. so we’ll see. i think this one will be a hit or miss for me.


5.) robin hobb


“assassin’s apprentice” by robin hobb has been sitting on my shelf for a while now (like most of the books haha). but i really, really want to read it, because i heard excellent things about it and a friend of mine loves books by robin hobb. the only negative thing is, that there are already so many books published, that it will be hard to keep up with them. this is a project i need to be ready to commit to, or otherwise it will never happen. 😀


6.) rick riordan


the main reason why i haven’t read any of rick riordan’s books is that i didn’t grow up with them. i think it’s the same as with “harry potter”. many people grew up with these books and then developed a love for them. that didn’t happen to me. and i know, that i am interested in “harry potter”, but i can’t say the same for rick riordan’s series. and that’s why this is an author, that i will probably never read. sorry about that!


7.) tahereh mafi


the “shatter me” series is a series i see everywhere. on booktube, on bookstagram, it pops up everywhere. i really don’t know what this series is about and if i will ever read it, but i own “furthermore” by tahereh mafi and that one will be read definitely. firstly, because i love the cover so much. secondly, because the synopsis had me buy that book. so yeah, i will definitely be reading that one.


8.) neil gaiman


i feel like neil gaiman is a hit or miss author. i know so many people who love his books, but i also know a lot of people, who can’t finish his books. it’s pretty much 50/50. i haven’t read any of his books yet, but i own two (“stardust” & “the ocean at the end of the lane”) and i want to give them a go at some point. can you recommend, which one i should start with?


9.) colleen hoover


colleen hoover seems to be an author that people talk a lot about, because either they love her or they have so many hateful things to say about her books. and since i am a very curious person, i really want to give her a try. i need to find out for myself, if i hate her books or if i am one of those people who love them very much! this will be exciting! 😀


10.) laini taylor


since “strange the dreamer” by laini taylor was published, i see this book everywhere. and of course i do, because the covers are beautiful! so many people are raving about that book, that i got it on my radar. but i didn’t know, that she already published a whole series, which i haven’t heard a lot about. is this a good sign? i am not sure. that’s why i am a little bit cautious concerning reading her books.


that were ten authors, who are hyped a lot in the book community but whom i haven’t read. did you read any of the books? which book should i start considering each author? do you have any recommendations? aaaaaand the most important question: should i read those authors or just leave it? 😀 let me know!

29 thoughts on “popular authors i haven’t read yet

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. There are so many fantastic authors on this list. And I had NO IDEA that you haven’t read Harry Potter! *stares in disbelief*
    I feel like you would really enjoy the Raven Cycle. It’s shorter than Harry Potter, so maybe it would be worth giving it a shot first haha 🙂

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  2. you have to give the first four authors on this list a go! all so good! although shock horror I haven’t read the whole harry potter series yet either :O I also have not read any of the other authors on this list apart from Nose mythology by Neil Gaiman which I really enjoyed! 😀


  3. I’ve also never read any Cassandra Clare books and while I’m slightly intrigued just because of all the hype, I also have a feeling like she’d a hit or miss for me too! The amount of books she has also intimidates me, lol.

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  4. OMG!!!! 😲 you haven’t read any of these???!!! Well, first of all, you have to read the Harry Potter series, and start with that lol I can’t believe you haven’t read them yet.
    You will love all these books 📚 💕💖 give them a try

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  5. Since a lot of people are going to tell you to read J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan and all those big authors that are a ‘must have’, I’m going to tell you to give a chance to Maggie Stiefvater and Colleen Hoover first. They are some of my favorite authors and I think you would enjoy their books. I recommend not starting with It Ends With Us if you’re curious about Colleen Hoover because that’s by far her best work and the rest of her books might not live up to that one if you decide to read them later (although they’re still amazing).

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  6. Pffft, I haven’t read any of those books yet either, some of them are in my TBR list already. I got stares of disbelief couple of days ago when i said “maybe i can start reading Harry Potter this year” hahahaha!!. I already bought City of Bones, so I will start with that one.

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  7. City of Bones isn’t great. Cassandra Clare’s other series are much better. If you want to get into her books, I would strongly recommend trying the other series first.

    Plus, you can get away with reading the series in the Shadowhunter world out of order. There’s some context you might miss out on, but it’s nothing truly major.

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  8. I’ve read quite a few on this list, but my favourite has to be Cassandra Clare, I personally think The Mortal Instruments isn’t that good but I loved it at the time and I’m a sucker for trashy stuff 😂 I think you’d really enjoy Harry Potter when you get around to reading it, though I still have the last book to read as I’m saving it haha 😂

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