top 5 wednesday: books from before i joined goodreads

top 5 wednesday is a weekly challenge where you can pick your top 5 for the topic of the week. you can find more information about it on goodreads.




this weeks topic is: books from before you joined…

these are some of your favorite books from before you joined the online book community, whether that be booktube, goodreads, blogs, bookstagram, twitter, tumblr, etc.

i LOVE this week’s topic, because i can talk about my favorite books before i joined goodreads, which happened in july 2016. before that time i just read without any community and basically made it to 5-10 books per year. after joining goodreads, reading books really started for me. i joined the traveling book project, i made a bookstagram account, i started watching booktube, i started a book journal and then this blog happened. so in the last year my life changed a lot, but for the good. i love it! ❤ but now it’s time to get to some books that i loved before i even knew, how awesome and huge this book community is. and i will leave “the fault in our stars” out of the picture, because you guys know by now, that that’s my favorite book. 😀


1.) “the perks of being a wallflower” by stephen chbosky


i actually don’t remember when i read this book, but i know that i loved it so so sooooo much. the story and the characters just kept me turning the pages and i remember having this feeling. the feeling, when you know, that you are reading something special. after reading the book, i watched the movie and i loved that one too and have rewatched it many times. maybe it’s time to read this book again. 🙂


2.) “extremly loud and incredibly close” by jonathan safran foer


i have no idea when i got this book. it was a long time ago, but it was one of the first books that i owned in english. i remember how i couldn’t put it down and how oskars journey became very important to me. i know, that i cried a lot and i know the main plot of this book but i need to re-read it to tell you, why this is actually one of my favorites. i just know, that i loved that book back then.


3.) “a long way down” by nick hornby


my roommate had a phase, where he read all books by nick hornby. i was curious what it was about that author, but not all books interested me. but “a long way down” sounded promising and i know that i loved it back then. it was such a bittersweet story, which shows, that there are reasons to live for and everybody deserves a second chance. i read it in german back then, but i would love to read it again in english.


4.) “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time” by mark haddon


the same roommate gave me this book. and i know, the title. try saying that fast 😀 but it is a wonderful book. it’s about an autistic boy who tries to solve a mystery. it’s heartbreaking, the writing is amazing and it’s definitely one you should read! 🙂


5.) “it’s kind of a funny story” by ned vizzini


this one has a similar story as “the perks of being a wallflower” because it was around the same time i read those books. i also loved “it’s kind of a funny story”. it is bittersweet but also full of hope and i loved that about it. i have watched the movie after reading it and i remember really liking it. it’s definitely something special, the book and the movie.



as you can see, my favorite books are mostly bittersweet stories, that give you hope in the end. maybe since i’ve always liked this, my love for contemporaries never faded. i just love emotional books that give me a good feeling after reading them.

what do you think? have you read any of those books? let me know! 🙂

25 thoughts on “top 5 wednesday: books from before i joined goodreads

  1. I haven’t read a single one of these books.. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll keep saying it: I hate it when that happens! Haha.

    [Why are there so many fun memes on Wednesdays.. I was already doubting between Waiting on Wednesday and WWW Wednesday and just now remembered there’s Top 5 Wednesday as well..]

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  2. I’ve heard awesome things about The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and I’ve always meant to read it, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Before I started blogging I used to just go to the library and pick up random books without knowing anything about them first…. oh, how things have changed! 🙂

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  3. I can’t even remember what I read before I joined Goodreads.. much less what I liked!! I love your list though! I’ve read a few of them (like It’s Kind of a Funny Story.. although it wasn’t my favorite), and now I’m really interested in what I read before goodreads and what I would think of them now!

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  4. Hmmm, I haven’t read The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night Time before, but a lot of people have recommended it to me!! I didn’t know it was a sad book, though… I guess I’ll just have to prepare myself for lots of tears

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