my pre-ordered books for the rest of 2017

hey guys, today i thought i won’t do a tag post, because sometimes you have to do different things, right? i looked at my amazon list and saw, that i have five pre-ordered books that should arrive this year. and i can’t wait. that’s why i wanted to share my picks with you and why i am anticipating these releases so much! so let’s just get into it:




1.) “turtles all the way down” by john green – release date: october 10th, 2017


if you’ve read my blog, you’ll know, that “the fault in our stars” by john green is my favorite book. even after the seven times i’ve read it. i love this book. i love everything about this book. i have also read “looking for alaska” and “paper towns” and i love those too. i can say, that i love his writing, his stories, his characters and the feeling i get, after reading his books, which is pretty much wandering around and thinking about my life. 😀 yepp, i am that deep haha!

when i heard, that he has a new book coming out this year, i freaked out. i was so happy and i immediately pre-ordered it. last week, the cover was revealed and i think it’s ok. i don’t like orange, but whatever. it’s a john green book. so yeah, i can’t wait for this and my expectations are already soooooo high, that i am afraid of this book. but one step at a time.


2.) “godsgrave” by jay kristoff – release date: september 5th, 2017


look at this cover! i mean, LOOK AT IT! it is gorgeous! this book should be soon in my arms and i freaking can’t wait. i loved “nevernight” so much. yes, i had problems getting into it, but the first 60 pages don’t count for me. i loved the rest. everything. i had all the feels. crying, laughing, shock, anger, just everything. i can’t wait to see how mias journey will go on. please let it be september soon!!!!


3.) “artemis” by andy weir – release date: november 14th, 2017


i have such high hopes for this book, it really scares me. i loooooooooved “the martian”. i am currently listening to the audiobook again, because i just can’t get enough. the story, the writing, mark watney ❤ love love love. when i heard, that andy weir has a new book coming out, i was dancing. whoooop whoooop! i pre-ordered it immediately. some people in the book world already have an arc of this and the opinions are very different for this book. but i try not to get influenced by it and i am really really looking forward to this book! 🙂


4.) “don’t let go” by harlan coben – release date: september 26th, 2017


since i love a good thriller or mystery and harlan coben is the reason why my book world got to where it is, “don’t let go” was immediately pre-ordered by me, when i found out, there will be a new book by him. i try not to get too much information about the thrillers, because i want to go in blind and be surprised what will happen. since i haven’t read a good thriller recently, this one will be perfect for me. 🙂


5.) “release” by patrick ness – release date: september 19th, 2017


the paperback version of “release” is already available since a couple of months. so you might ask, why i pre-ordered the hardcover. well, it’s pretty simple. i LOVE this cover. yes, i am totally in love with it. and it was on pre-order sale, so i had to take the chance. i recently read “a monster calls”, which was my second book by patrick ness and i just love his writing. that’s why i pre-ordered this wonderful hardcover and can’t wait to start reading it. 🙂



these are all five books i have currently pre-ordered. i am sure, there will be more, but so far i am really happy about these choices. are you planning on reading some of these books? let me know, which books you have pre-ordered?

26 thoughts on “my pre-ordered books for the rest of 2017

  1. I literally can’t wait for EVERY BOOK ON THIS LIST. ❤ I keep forgetting that Artemis is coming out– and only two days before my birthday! 🙂 I've already pre-ordered Turtles All the Way Down as well. Autumn is going to be an AMAZING time for new releases!!

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  2. I preordered Turtles All the Way Down, I Hate Everyone But You and They Both Die At the End! Super excited to read them (: especially John Green’s new book. Looking For Alaska is my favorite book of all time. ❤️

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