book review // “they both die at the end” by adam silvera

theybothdieattheendtitle: they both die at the end
author: adam silvera
genre: ya-contemporary
type: eARC provided by harperteen/edelweiss
release date: september 5th, 2017
pages: 384
start: 18.08.2017
finish: 19.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“I don’t know how to do this. No one gives you lessons on how to brace everyone for your death.”



thank you so much to edelweiss and harperteen for providing me with this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

what it’s about:
mateo and rufus are about to die. they get a call after midnight on september 5th telling them, this will be their last day. both live very different lives and have very different pasts but they connect via the last friend app and meet each other to be the other ones last friend on a day, that will change their lives.


what i think:
“they both die at the end” is my first adam silvera book. yes, i know. i am doing it backwards. but i desperately wanted to read this book and i was so happy and thankful about receiving the ARC for it. it took me two sittings, because i could not put this book down. it was a fast read and i immediately fell in love with silveras writing. it’s beautiful, it’s easy, you fly through it and it’s just amazing what he can bring to paper.

i have to say, that i was a little bit skeptical and i tried to mentally prepare myself for what i was about to read. i am not the best person when it comes to thinking about or dealing with death. it makes me really uncomfortable and when you look at the title, you definitely know, what’s coming at you. also, everyone is saying, that silveras books are emotionally draining and that’s another thing, what i was preparing myself for. i think i shut a little bit down emotionally, so this book wouldn’t hit me so hard.

but it still did. definitely. i had tears in my eyes, but the most thing i took away from this book is hope. every time i read books about living your life i take away this hope and this good feeling and that’s definitely what this book accomplished for me. of course i was really sad but on the other hand i was also happy, that these characters lived through all this and got to experience what they experienced.

rufus and mateo are just adorable. i love them so much. they are deeply in my heart now and i will cherish them forever. i love how different they are and i love how different their pasts were. but they still connect and i love this concept of this book. you can meet your last friend. like a dating app but with a very very bitter ending. still it gave me hope, because even in the worst point of your life you can meet the person, that changes you. i felt very connected to mateo, because i am not a big risk taker and sometimes i wish i would crawl out of my hole and be more open. i love that he took the risk with rufus and those two had all their adventures. my heart was full of love for those two and i could gush a lot more about what they were to each other and how amazing i think their journey on that day was.

i really can’t say anything negative about these characters and i love how they are separate and together. it makes my heart beat faster. so cute! the only negative thing i have to say about “they both die at the end” is the Death-Cast itself. you never get to know what’s behind it, how it developed and how it is working. it’s kind of mysterious and it is just there, which is kind of creepy when you think about it. i wished, there would have been some kind of explanation.


what you should know:
“they both die at the end” is a beautifully written book about living your life to the fullest, because it could be over any second. it will definitely make you think. not just about those characters, it will make you think about your own life. it will hit you heavy at some points. it will make you cry. but it’s also a beautiful story about two strangers, who meet and live a wonderful last day together.

this book is written with mainly mateo’s and rufus’ point of views, but there are also different povs from other side characters. those characters are important but their povs are in my opinion unnecessary and just get between the story of mateo and rufus.

i shielded myself from the whole topic of death, so that i probably didn’t have the whole emotional experience. i guess, it could have hit me way harder. so be prepared. this book could be a hard and though read.

are you going to read “they both die at the end” by adam silvera? what are your expectations?

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18 thoughts on “book review // “they both die at the end” by adam silvera

  1. Great review!! Of course I’ll read this book when it’s out!! I actually pre-ordered it!! 😊🎉 I read his last book History Is All You Left Me and immediately fell in love with his writing💕💖 its so beautiful and I liked how emotional and gut -wrenching it is. I cannot wait to read this one, too!!!

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