book review // “red rising” by pierce brown

redrisingtitle: red rising
author: pierce brown
genre: science-fiction dystopia
type: paperback
pages: 382
start: 14.08.2017
finish: 17.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐.75


“You do not follow me because I am the strongest. Pax is. You do not follow me because I am the brightest. Mustang is. You follow me because you do not know where you are going. I do.”



what it’s about:
darrow is a red. he lives in a world, where he works all day just to guarantee a good future for his family. what he doesn’t know: he is a slave. manipulated to make him think he’s working towards a world, where mars can be place for everybody to live. a tragic event is making him sacrifice everything, because the world he knew is not all that’s out there.


what i think:
this book, oh this book! i wanted to read “red rising” for such a long time now, because i only heard great things about it. when i picked it up, i was a little bit scared. the first pages were confusing. i couldn’t get into this book. there were all those words i didn’t know and i had the feeling that i missed the introduction to the world that exists in “red rising”. i confess, that i had my problems. and with that, it was not easy to get through this book fast. i think, i never needed to invest so much time to read a 380 pages book. the writing is difficult, because there is no way, you can read it fast. it somehow drags and i was afraid, that i wouldn’t get through it.

but then stuff happens. oh my god, there is so much stuff happening. after 50 pages i was shocked. emotionally a total wreck. because all those things in this book are so graphic. there is no beautiful way to describe horrible things happening, and pierce brown sure doesn’t do it. he writes about violence in a really detailed way and i honestly was shocked. this book is definitely not for young adults. there is some heavy stuff in it and it is written so visually, that i had to take a breath in between. BUT, on the other hand, that’s what kept me going. because all those cruel things made me want to go on a journey with darrow.

darrow is a character, whom i was lucky to like, because i think, that if i didn’t like him and couldn’t connect with him, this book would have been not for me. all the events happening to him, all his feelings moved me so much, that i was totally on his side and rooting for him. he didn’t annoy me and i could understand every decision he made.

but not just darrow. the cast of characters is fantastic. i admit, there are a lot of characters and sometimes it’s confusing, but the main characters stand out and each and every one of them is different. this is a mix of crazy, strong, weak, emotional and cold characters, which leads to not knowing, what the hell is going to happen. and that’s a big plus for this book, because the twists are very good. i had no idea what was coming at me, but i wanted to know and i needed to know. and although this book wasn’t easy for me to read and it wasn’t a fast read, i was hooked and i was invested in these characters and the story, so that there was no chance, that i would stop reading this book.

i have to give this book less than five stars, because i struggled. yes, i struggled through reading it, because i do not like slow paced books. although so much stuff is happening, it was still a slow read and usually i do not like these kinds of books. i also didn’t like, that i was thrown into this world and basically it felt like i should know right from the start, how this worlds works. all the words, all those characters. it was like there was no build up and i was just supposed to know, what’s going on. and the last point, which i wasn’t satisfied with, was the resolution around mustang. she is a great character and i really came to love her. but the way pierce brown went in the end with her, was not what i wanted.


what you should know:
“red rising” is definitely no young adult book. violence is portrayed very detailed and there is a lot of stuff happening, which i think is not for young adult readers. so be aware  of a lot of violence when you go into this book. the world is a little complex and you won’t have a lot of introduction, you will be thrown in immediately.

i didn’t really know, what this book is about, when i went into it and that is good. because afterwards i read the synopsis on goodreads and i would recommend not doing this, because it tells you way to much. the way i did it, is best i think and i am happy about it, because the events happening at the beginning of this book totally caught me by surprise and were actually the reason, why i got so invested in this book. i think the goodreads synopsis takes a lot away from the surprise effect.

last thing you should know is the pace of the book. it is no easy read and definitely no fast read, at least it wasn’t for me. i struggled and that’s why i can’t give this book more stars. but on the other hand i got to spend more time with the characters. i really liked the big cast of characters and they surprised me all the time. you will be sucked in into this world and the twists and turns will make you turn the pages. because this book does everything right. the suspense, the wtf-moments, the surprises, it is full of those and you will get emotionally involved. i will definitely continue with the series, but i think i will need a little break first.


first of all, i want to thank everyone who told me, they are looking forward to my review and my thoughts on this book. that really made me very happy! you guys are the best! ❤ 🙂

and now, have you read “red rising” by pierce brown? please let me know in the comments and we can discuss this one! 🙂


“red rising” on goodreads
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33 thoughts on “book review // “red rising” by pierce brown

  1. I was GOING to read Red Rising, but then I started to read The Immortal Rules, and I got sort of sidetracked, but now I want to try to read this book again. Thanks! This is an AMAZING review also!😁

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  2. I love authors that are brilliant when it comes to descriptions and from the sound of it, Pierce Brown is. However… If he doesn’t do world-building (at all apparently) it’s already a big negative for me before considering to read the book.
    I love it when you can take the time to imagine what a world is like and how everything works. I don’t like being thrown in just like that and having to figure everything out along the way – that often disappoints me when I’m mistaken about things, haha.

    Your review is amazing! But I’m pretty sure I won’t be reading it. No world-building, detailed violence (I don’t mind a bit of it, but if it’s really detailed..) and slow-paced.. Those are practically all the things I wouldn’t pick up easily, haha!

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  3. Great review!! I’m so glad you warned about all the violence in this book! I was deciding whether or not to read it, but I don’t know if I’d enjoy a book that is that graphic.

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  4. I read Red Rising last year (I think) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree with everything you said, it definitely is a bit of a struggle to get through but it very good and well written. I tried to read the sequel, The Golden Son, but couldn’t get into it so I DNF it. I’m a bit sad about that since Red Rising is a great book but hopefully you’ll enjoy the rest of the series.

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  5. […] my review: it is no easy read and definitely no fast read, at least it wasn’t for me. i struggled and that’s why i can’t give this book more stars. but on the other hand i got to spend more time with the characters. i really liked the big cast of characters and they surprised me all the time. read my full review here […]


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