top ten tuesday – ten book recommendations if you want to get into classics

i am participating in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. the challenge is back after a summer hiatus and now we can dive back into new topics. this weeks topic is “ten book recommendations for…”. since i became a reader of classics in the last year i thought about giving recommendations about where to start.


“ten book recommendations if you want to get into classics”


1.) “the outsiders” by s.e. hinton


so this isn’t technically a classic classic. but it’s a modern classic and you have to start somewhere. 😉 i recently read this book and it is amazing. the writing is great and the story will make you feel all the feels. it’s a great book to start and i really recommend it to everyone!


2.) “the catcher in the rye” by j.d. salinger


this is another modern classic, which i really enjoyed. it’s dark and depressing, which seems to work for me, haha. i think this book is a hit or miss. either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it. i loved it. i think holden caulfield is a complex character and his story moved me very much. just give it a try.


3.) “on the road” by jack kerouac


yeah, another modern classic. we’ll get to the real classics haha. “on the road” is a perfect read if you are into roadtrips. i really enjoyed sal’s adventures, which were sometimes confusing and totally crazy. it’s not easy to get into this book but once you get to a certain point it’s impossible to put it down. it’s not written that easily and may be a challenge but the story is great and is developed very well.


4.) “animal farm” by george orwell


most people will tell you to read “1984” by george orwell. but i am not most people. 😀 honestly, i didn’t enjoy “1984”. it dragged and was boring and i wasn’t the biggest fan of it. “animal farm” on the other hand was really, really good. it’s an easy read and you can get quickly through it. it will also show you, how society can become when things go wrong. i really recommend this one.


5.) “to kill a mockingbird” by harper lee


i read this book many years ago, when i wasn’t into classics at all. but i remember that i really enjoyed it. it was a good and shocking read at the same time, but it wasn’t hard, because the writing was good and i could follow the story easily. i really need to re-read it again and i am looking forward to find out, if i still like it. this one is also a book, which is loved or hated.


6.) “the great gatsby” by f. scott fitzgerald


alright, now let’s go a little bit more back in time. “the great gatsby” was published 1925. it’s an easy and quick read, which is entertaining and fun. i really enjoyed the story of nick carraway and the influence gatsby made on him. this book is also a hit and miss, because i know people who loved it and i know people who hated it. as for me, i enjoyed it and would recommend it, if you want to get into classics. the writing isn’t that difficult and you can get through it pretty quickly.


7.) “northanger abbey” by jane austen


this year i decided to read all of jane austens novels. i started with “pride & prejudice” and i wasn’t the biggest fan of it. my favorite austen until now is “persuasion” because i just love the story. but i am going to recommend “northanger abbey” to you. why you ask? because it’s a fun read. this book has passages that are hilarious and the characters are really great. it’s also one of austens shorter stories, so i think it’s easier to get into it. you’re going to have fun with this one. 🙂


8.) “mansfield park” by jane austen

mansfield park

another austen i am going to recommend to you is “mansfield park”. it’s one of austens longer novels but it is really good. fanny price is a great and strong character and her story is beautiful. the journey you’re going to take with her is interesting and she will totally grow on you. it’s a coming of age story and the romance part is also great. i really enjoyed this austen novel and i can recommend it, if you’re more familiar with her writing.


9.) “great expectations” by charles dickens


“great expectations” was my first long novel by charles dickens and i loooooooved it! the writing is really good and you have no problems following the story. pip is an amazing character, that grows up to be this man, you’re not sure if you like or not. there are a few WTF moments and it’s so interesting how the story unfolds and everything comes together. i really, really enjoyed this novel and dickens will be my next project when it comes to classic authors.


10.) “jane eyre” by charlotte brontë


and last but definitely not least we have my favorite classic of all time. “jane eyre”. i love this book so so much! i read it last year and i flew through it, although it is a long book. i loved jane’s story, i loved the mystery, i loved her feelings, i loved mr. rochester and this book was just everything to me. i try to recommend it to everybody, because it’s a wonderful coming-of-age story, that is beautifully written.



so guys, these are a few of my classic recommendations. i hope you liked this post and let me know, if you have read any of these books or if you plan on picking up some of those. 🙂

29 thoughts on “top ten tuesday – ten book recommendations if you want to get into classics

  1. I love this list so much! I adore Jane Eyre and definitely agree with you on Animal Farm. Though I did enjoy 1984, Animal Farm is my favorite George Orwell book so far. Awesome list!

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  2. Awesome post and awesome picks! I am looking so much forward to reading Jane Eyre and I love Jane Austen but haven’t read yet the books you recommended. Will add to my TBR. I remember reading Animal Farm when I was 17 and it blew my mind. 1984 is quite great too.

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  3. Awesome post I should have read this before I went on a crazy classic book shopping spree!!! 😭 I love To Kill a Mockingbird, too! That’s a great read, indeed!!💖

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  4. Great list, I love Jane Eyre and all of Jane Austen’s books are fantastic. The Great Gatsby is another brilliant book and I really want to read his other works and To Kill A Mockingbird has been on my TBR for way to long 😀😀

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  5. Totally work you on Animal Farm> 1984. I just found 1984 boring and overly complex, but I loved the idea of Animal Farm. I was 7 when I first read it (I asked my Dad what communism was so he told me to go read the book😂) and I still love it ☺

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  6. amazing picks!!! I agree with you so so much on The Outsiders. Such a beautiful book. ;-; but TKAM and Animal Farm were also pretty thought-provoking!! tbh though, I really craved bacon after Animal Farm…

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