#makemeread read-a-thon wrap up

so, last week the MAKE ME READ IT READ-A-THON happened. this readathon was hosted by ely @tea and titles and val @the innocent smiley. in this readathon you were supposed to choose a couple of books from you tbr and let your bookish friends vote for the books. the book with the most votes had to be read first and so on.



my top 4 votes were:

  • “crooked kingdom” by leigh bardugo
  • “carry on” by rainbow rowell
  • “more happy than not” by adam silvera
  • “red rising” by pierce brown


my stats:

books read: 2
books started: 1
pages read: 1103
average star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
female authors read: 2
genres: ya-fantasy




1.) “crooked kingdom” by leigh bardugo


as you all wished, i started with “crooked kingdom”. i had my problems reading it, because first of all, i wasn’t feeling very well last week and i had problems concentrating on reading. on the other hand, the beginning of the book was boring for me and i only got really into it, when the last third came around. my full review for this book can be found here.


2.) “carry on” by rainbow rowell


my second book went way better. i fell in love with the story and the characters and i finished this book in two sittings, because i needed to know, what would happen. i love simon and baz and in my review here you can read how i am gushing about this book. this was perfect for a readathon and i am happy that i finally read it. if it weren’t for you guys, it would probably still sit on my shelves. so, thank you! 🙂 ❤


3.) “red rising” by pierce brown


so after reading my two books i had to decide, which one i will be reading next. i decided on “red rising” by pierce brown, because some very good friends really want me to read this. and i started and tried. but, first of all, i was a little burned out. still didn’t feel very good and i somehow needed a break. secondly this book had a tough start for me. the writing didn’t feel smooth and i had my problems getting into it. i was also very confused about what was happening. BUT, last night before i went to bed, this book picked up. and oh my god did it pick up. i needed to put it down, because otherwise i would have read through the night. i wish, i wouldn’t have spent the whole doing other stuff than reading. i am on page 50 now and i can’t wait to get back into it. i NEEDs to know what is happening! :O


my summary:

i am very happy, that i participated in this readathon. this was such a cool idea and i think i will do this again in the future. let my friends decide what i should read. that was fun. i am pretty sure, i wouldn’t have picked up these books, if this readathon hadn’t happen. so yay! i also went on twitter and had some interaction, but i wish, there would have been more. i am still new to this twitter thing, so maybe it was just me 😀
all in all, i am very happy. i mean, i read two huge books and i started a book, that i now can’t wait to get back to it. i read 1103 pages, which is not bad at all. i am happy with myself and i am looking forward to another readathon like this. 🙂



did you participate in the #makemeread read-a-thon? how was your experience? are you happy with the result? let me know!

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