dreamy book covers tag

a while ago, the one and only james from this is my truth now tagged me for the dreamy book covers tag. jay is an amazing person, i got to know better in the last weeks. i love his writing and his posts, he is always kind and i enjoy communicating with him. please go and check out his blog, it is so worth it! 🙂


the rules:

  • thank the person who tagged you
  • mention the creator of this tag (tiana @the book raven)
  • use the original tag image in your post.
  • at least tag one fellow blogger for doing this tag!
  • list the rules


the questions:

1.) “no ideas but in things” – a book cover that perfectly expresses the novel inside it


well i think, this one is obvious. 😀 this book is about mark watney, an astronaut who is left behind, after a dust storm hits his crew. it’s about mars, the atmosphere color is orange, so yeah, i think this one fits perfectly.


2.) “dark and lovely” – a cover that is so creepilicious, that you want to eat it up


this cover is so creepy. when i first saw it, i was intrigued. it’s dark, it’s mysterious and it stands out. unfortunately, i wasn’t that excited with the story, but the cover intrigued me a lot.


3.) “sugary Sweet” – a CUTE cover that is so fluffy, you want to give it a hug


yes, i love this cover. there is levi ❤ there is cath working at her laptop. i love the color of this cover and it’s so cute, it definitely represents the story inside.


4.) “the simple aesthetic” – a book cover that stuns with the most minimalist of designs

mansfield park

loooook at this! i really love all the penguin english library editions, but my favorite is definitely “mansfield park” by jane austen. i love this. light purple, nothing much, but still so beautiful.


5.) “cover envy” – a book you wish you had on your shelves, but don’t yet


i mean, do i need to say more?


6.) “traveling abroad” – a beautiful book cover featuring a country outside of your own


this book takes place in nigeria and in england. the cover represents a scene from the book and i really love it! 🙂


7.) “the colour wheel” – a cover that showcases one of your favourite colours


purple, i mean purple! i love purple. i love a lot of colors, but i love purple very much! 😀 also this edition is just gorgeous!


8.) “changing gears” – a cover change you absolutely adore

oh, unfortunately i have no answer for that! :O


9.) “oldie but goodie” – a favourite cover of your favourite classic


oh look, purple again! 😀 “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte is my favorite classic and i love this edition. it’s so so so beautiful! ❤


10.) and the winner is – which book cover mentioned above is your favourite

i’d say the edition of “alice’s adventures in wonderland”. although i wasn’t the biggest fan of the story, i love this cover. it totally speaks to me, because it is purple, playful and somehow fits perfectly with my taste – because yes, i am a child. i need such covers 😀



these were my answers for the “dreamy book covers” tag. do you like the covers? which one is your favorite?

oh, and i tag:

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