top ten tuesday – books that made me think

i am participating in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. right now, the challenge is still on a break, so i will be doing one of the older topics. the topic for this week will be:


“top ten books that made you think”


1.) “thirteen reasons why” by jay asher


i heard a lot of things about this book before i read it. the main reason i picked it up was the show on netflix. i wanted to read this book before i watched the show. and i did. in one sitting. i couldn’t put it down. i was captured by hannahs words and clays feelings. i could not handle myself. also, while reading it, my feelings were just like stone, because i couldn’t cope for some reason. i didn’t cry, i wasn’t angry, i just felt nothing. after reading this book i was thinking a very long time about it. i still can’t put a rating on it, because it’s just not possible for me. this book still stays with me and from time to time i think about it.


2.) “the fault in our stars” by john green


this should come to no surprise to you, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while. this is my favorite book. i have a very special relationship with it and i reread it very often. i remember reading this book for the first time and it broke my heart. i was sobbing. i was a mess. to this day, this hasn’t changed. i love this book but it breaks me every time. after reading it for the first time i was not myself for many days. i was thinking about my own life, about the chances i did and didn’t take. i remember being in this little bubble, where no one could get to me. i don’t think, that there is one book out there, that did the same thing to me.


3.) “dark matter” by blake crouch


since many years i have this little theory. i know, maybe it’s just some s*** my mind is playing with me. but i was always fascinated with stars and the universe. and i thought to myself: what if every star in this universe is like our sun and it has its earth and we are living on this earth in a parallel universe. everything is the same but there is just one thing completely different. for example me on this other earth isn’t writing about the top ten books that made her think, but another top ten topic. the likes and comments after posting will be different and maybe something else is developing from that. and so on. well, that’s basically what my mind is trying to tell me. so, than this book happened. parallel universes, where in every different world one little detail is different. i was like: “whaaaaaaaaaat?? i need to read this”. and it was amazing. and it blew my mind. and i was thinking again about my theory. a little crazy, how some things just happen 😀


4.) “the outsiders” by s.e. hinton


i just read this book a couple of days ago, but i can’t stop thinking about it. i can’t stop thinking about ponyboy and johnny and sodapop and all the others. most of all dally. i just can’t stop. things could have been so different, if people wouldn’t label each other. i am mad and sad and i want a different ending to this book. after watching the movie right after, i now have pictures in my head of the boys, which makes it way harder to let them go. i don’t know what is happening, but this book just keeps staying with me.


5.) “4 3 2 1” by paul auster


this book guys. it’s long. very, very, very long. i needed a long time to finish it, but i really enjoyed it. the concept is the four different lives of archie ferguson. each life is different from the other and you see archie going different ways from childhood until he is an adult. i really liked the concept and i enjoyed all four archies. but this book definitely makes you think in the end. what if i had taken this route in my life and so on. i am not a big fan of “what if?” but after reading this book, there was no way around it.


6.) “if i stay” by gayle forman


i wasn’t the biggest fan of this book at all. some characters haven’t had an impact on me and i couldn’t feel a connection. but the biggest problem i had with this book was the topic itself. is there a reason to stay alive or should i just go? man, that is some heavy stuff and i personally felt very, very uncomfortable reading this book. i don’t know, it was not easy for me to read it and i didn’t like how it justified the ending. man, this book didn’t leave me alone for a while and i still think about it some times.


7.) “the book thief” by markus zusak


i usually don’t like world war II stories. i feel uncomfortable reading about it, because i can imagine, how horrible the time back then must have been. that’s why i usually go into these books already feeling uncomfortable. but “the book thief” is so beautifully written. this is a masterpiece and i read it in one day, because i couldn’t put it down. yes, it broke my heart. yes, i cried like the last third of this book. yes, it broke me. yes, i thought about it a long time after reading it. yes, it was so worth it!


8.) “looking for alaska” by john green


this book didn’t break me as much as “the fault in our stars” did. but it was still beautiful and like every john green book, it stays with you. you think about your life, about the choices you’ve made. there is no way around it.


9.) “the light between oceans” by m.l. stedman


this book made me so mad! i don’t remember a book that made me so mad while reading it. of course there were books, where i was mad. but this one just made me mad the whole book. but i also couldn’t put it down. the writing was wonderful and m.l. stedman did such a good job with this book, that you didn’t know, which character you should root for. and after reading it, i was constantly thinking what i would have done in that situation.


10.) “wild” by cheryl strayed


since this is a memoir and based on a true story, there is no way around than thinking what i would have done, if i was in her situation. it’s this book, where you think about your own life. about your choices. about everything that impacts you. this is such a good book!



alright guys, these were my answers. have you read any of these books? did you like them? did you also think about them so much as i did? let me know!

14 thoughts on “top ten tuesday – books that made me think

  1. I haven’t read one of these o.o
    I did see the series of Thirteen Reasons Why, though! And the movie of The Fault in Our Stars! Does that count?!

    Another one that I’d definitely mention if I ever did this TTT, would be The Hate U Give. Now that’s a book that made me think.

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  2. Excellent choices! I’ve read about half of these and must agree. I have to read Thirteen Reasons Why this month. I’ve had it FOREVER it seems, lol. Dark Matter and The Light Between Oceans are two faves. If I had to go through what Jason went through, wow. That book was insane from cover to cover for me. ❤ Great post.

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  3. I love reading books that make me think and leave an impact! I read If I Stay about 6 years ago and I really liked the ending. Also read The Book Thief for the first time last week and thought the whole novel was such a beautiful read! I think it had a clever ending and narrator.

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  4. Holy, you totally got m thinking with what you said for Dark Matter. I haven’t read the book, and didn’t plan to, but it is definitely on my TBR now.

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  5. “The Book Thief” really IS such a beautifully written book. I swear, each word plucked at my heartstrings. ❤ I know some people don't really enjoy the poetry-esque writing style, but I LOVEDD it. And I cried so much after reading. It left me hollow, but in the best way possible.

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  6. Ahh the book thief made me cry so much and left me in such a shock. I’ve also read tfios (who hasn’t 😂) and while I think the writing was okay, I think the whole situation with Gus is very important, I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil it in case someone hasn’t read it 😁 I’ve also read thirteen reasons why and if I stay but I didn’t like either of them very much. I think books that made me think were the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, room and winger but the list could go on haha 😊 I really enjoyed reading about the books that made you think!

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    • thank you!
      i agree with you, “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time” is amazing. i totally forgot about that one. i really need to read it again, it’s been years… :O
      “winger” made me just mad!
      and “room” scared me 😀

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