what makes me happy

i was recently tagged by the wonderful noriko @diary of a book fiend – thanks so much noriko! please go and check out her blog! she is an amazing person and i am so happy, that i met her in this community! ❤

and since it’s monday and the second day of the #makemeread read-a-thon, i first wanted to update you. i started with “crooked kingdom” by leigh bardugo yesterday. i got to page 186, which is ok. i wanted to read more, but i had a big headache yesterday and wasn’t able to concentrate. so far, i really like the book, but there is one thing, that annoys me very, very much. i’ll be writing about it in my review.

but now, let’s get to the tag, so you guys can learn a little bit more about myself.






1.) my cats – paulchen and pippi. i love those two so much. ❤ they’ve been with me almost two years now and i can’t believe how time flies by. they were so small and now they are so big. they still behave like crazy kids, but that’s what i love about them. and when you lie in bed and those kitties come and purr and want to cuddle, it’s the best thing ever! ❤ i can’t imagine my life without them and they helped me through the toughest period of my life. i will always be grateful to them! and yes, of course you’ll get new pictures 😀

IMG_5984  IMG_5057


2.) traveling – i love to spent my time in other countries. i am not a big fan of flying anymore, but it’s worth, once you get to a magical place! i try to travel as much as possible and always try to think about my next trip. i am a water person and every place, that has an ocean or pool or lake next to it, is a place i want to be. also the sun. i love the sun and i always try to travel to places that combine all those things. places i loved in the past:

  • usa: i was living in san francisco for 4,5 months. the rest of my time abroad i spent traveling through the usa. i was in  los angeles, las vegas, hawaii, 2 week roadtrip through a lot of national parks, chicago, memphis (yes, i made my dream come true and visited graceland!! – big elvis fan 😛 ), new orleans, washington d.c., orlando, miami and of course new york.
  • ireland: i made a roadtrip through ireland and saw dublin, cork, the ring of kerry, dingle, the cliffs of moher, galway and connemara. since then i’ve been in ireland at least once a year.
  • portugal: visited a friend of mine in porto and we were driving around portugal, which is a wonderful country.
  • cuba: at the beginning of this year, i went to cuba for 3,5 weeks. my best friend and i traveled through the country and had the best time of our life. cuba is a wonderful country with wonderful people and an amazing spirit. i loved every minute of it. my highlights: cayo levisa, varadero, vinales, santa clara, cayo coco, cienfuegos and trinidad. loved it so much!

IMG_4739 FullSizeRender 3F94A653-F915-4BF5-95AD-2451C5F655CC


3.) coffee – well, this one shouldn’t be a surprise, when you look at my nickname. i love coffee. there is nothing better than the smell of fresh brewed coffee. ❤ i could drink coffee all day. i love the taste, i love the smell, i live for it. give me coffee. honorable mention goes to tea, because i love tea too. not as much, but in the evening i change from coffee to tea, because i need some change in my life 😀



4.) books – that shouldn’t be a surprise either. books make me the happiest person. it’s not just the escape into a different world. it’s not just characters, that grow on you and that you start to love. it’s everything. the smell of books. the visit to the bookstore. filled-up bookshelves. pictures of books. reviews. communicating with other booklovers. everything about books and it’s community makes me so happy. i met some very good friends because of books and they are a part of my life, i never want to miss again.



5.) minions – yes, you read right. i love minions. i am obsessed with them. of course there are more important things, that make me happy, but i wanted to mention something, that describes me very well. i am a little child and i love everything cute, funny, tiny, glittery, bouncy and so on. and minions are a thing, i can get very excited about. my merch is huge and i just can’t get enough. and one more thing: every minion is called kevin by me. i don’t know why. just don’t ask. it is how it is… 😀





1.) coldplay – “yellow”


2.) israel Kamakawiwoʻole – “somewhere over the rainbow”


3.) mumford & sons – “the cave”


4.) queen & david bowie – “under pressure”


5.) muse – “time is running out”


wow, it’s really hard to pick five of your favorite songs. there are so much more, because i love music and i am surrounded by music all day. at least i mentioned one song of each of my favorite artists 😀



so guys, these are some of the things that make me happy. i forgot a lot of things, because i am usually a very happy person and a lot of things make me happy. but maybe these are things for another time. i hope you liked my answers. and one more thing you need to know. alex doesn’t like things. alex loves things. alex also talks about herself in the third person. because alex is weird. but it’s either loving or hating. when i like something, i don’t just like it. i love it. and i show that love. spread the love guys! (ok, maybe i had too much of that coffee… 😀 )


here some people i want to tag, because i want to know more about them! 🙂

33 thoughts on “what makes me happy

  1. Great post, Alex! It’s very thorough and fun to read!! Omg, your kitties are sooooo cute! I could tell that you can’t get enough of them… I want one, too!(although I am not allowed to have a pet in my room…) Great answers! I really enjoyed this and thank you so much for the sweet intro ❤ You are the wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    Heavens, your cats are so precious and their eyes are B-E-A-UTIFUL (well duh, they’re cats lol).
    Phew, you are definitely quite the traveler -wowie. Likewise, I abhor like seriously hate airplanes given all the steps it takes to get from luggage to boarding, but I do like traveling when I can. I so envy you for having been to Ireland, ahhhhhh.
    I love Somewhere Over the Rainbow, such a happy dappy snappy song, makes me want to skip through meadows and dream sugary lemonade all day (lol, idk).
    I can’t wait to do this tag, so much fun I think I’m definitely going to put it ahead of all my other tags haha. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aww, thanks for tagging!! your responses were so fun to read!! you’ve travelled to so many cool places!! For some reason, I don’t particularly like airplanes– and I have a really bad tendency to get airsick– but I’d still love to study abroad one day and learn new languages. ❤

    I'm glad you've started CK!! I really really hope you love it.

    (also, I can't believe you have a huge inflatable minion HAHA)

    Liked by 1 person

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