#makemeread tbr

hey guys, last week i asked all of you to vote for my make me read it read-a-thon. what is that you ask? it’s a readathon hosted by tea & titles and the innocent smiley




you had the power to decide, what i should read from august 6th until august 13th. i gave you eight books you could choose from. and without further ado, here are the results:




this means, that i will start with “crooked kingdom” by leigh bardugo today. i am very happy about this result and i can’t wait to get back to kaz and all the other wonderful characters. this will be amazing! ❤

i want to read as much as i can this week, which will hopefully lead to reading “carry on” by rainbow rowell too. because that’s another book, i can’t wait to read.

and then i will have a problem. “red rising” by pierce brown or “more happy than not” by adam silvera? all these decisions! i think i will see, what i am in the mood for and i will keep you updated with my wrap up. have a great sunday everyone! ❤ 🙂

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