book review // “the hating game” by sally thorne

thehatinggametitle: the hating game
author: sally thorne
genre: chick lit
type: audiobook
duration: 11h 29min
start: 30.07.2017
finish: 05.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“The trick is to find that one person who can give it back as good as they can take it.”


what it’s about:
lucy hutton and josh templeman work in the same company and their desks are opposite each other. and then there is one big problem: they hate each other. they can’t stand each other. when a promotion for one them is in sight, the big battle between them just begins.


what i think:
when i was searching for a new audiobook i wanted something light and fluffy. then i remembered “the hating game” and picked it up. i didn’t know what i would get but i wanted to be surprised. and oh boy, this book surprised me. 😀

usually i try to spread listening to my audiobook throughout the whole month, because i just have one credit from audible. but as you see, i had to finish it immediately 😀

i was walking through the streets, laughing. i was cleaning my apartment a lot the last few days, because that’s when i get most of my listening done. i think my house never was so clean before. 😀 but this book was addictive. i needed to know what would happen.

basically it’s a story i’ve heard before. two people hating each other and suddenly something happens and everything is turned around. the concept of this book is nothing new, but it is so. much. fun. lucy and josh are two adorable characters, i couldn’t get enough of. i was rooting for them right from the start and i had so much fun with them. there is no way you won’t like these characters, because they are adorable. separately and together.  lucy is this funny, independent and strong woman, who can’t say no to other people, where as josh is this handsome, good-looking guy, who never smiles but is very successful in his job. they fit together while being so different from each other. i loved this pairing, because both of them are themselves and i knew, that no matter what, these are strong characters on their own.

the “game” they are playing is so hilarious, made me laugh out loud and roll my eyes at the same time. it is so obvious, what they are doing and what is going to happen. and the teasing is excellent. i was just having fun all the time. but it’s not just that. i couldn’t stop with this book. i needed to know what was going to happen. these characters saved their place in my heart right from the start and i needed to know how it would end. i love books, where you can’t just stop. where you need to know. these are my favorite books and i am so happy, that “the hating game” could fulfill this wish of mine.


what you should know:
“the hating game” is nothing new. it’s a romance, where you root for the characters, because they are just adorable. it’s a perfect chick lit, where you smile and laugh and just want a happy ending. it’s easy to listen to and perfect for the summer, because it is light and entertaining.

on the other side it is also very predictable, as it usually is with these kinds of books. you know right from the start what is going to happen. there are also a lot of tropes inside this book, but this was never a problem for me. i just wanted something fluffy and i got something hilarious with amazing characters and that just made me very happy. 🙂


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