the one where i got a signed copy of one of victoria schwabs books

ok, let’s go a step back. there are two things, that you need to know for this post. one is personal, the other one book related. i’ll start with the personal one 😀

ire6 ire3 ire1

1.) 2014 i went on a roadtrip with my best friend. we went to ireland, because we always wanted to go there. and back then was the time. it was wonderful. it was beautiful. it was the best thing ever. i immediately fell in love with that country and slowly we both developed the idea to just go there and live there. it was a great idea. we booked our one-way-ticket for march 2015, right before st. paddy’s day. after slowly coming back into my all-day-routine things happened in my personal life, that weren’t great. but i knew at that point, that i couldn’t leave. i was awake nights and nights and i came to a point, where i knew, that it’s not the right time for me to go away. my best friend went and she is still living there. i am happy how things turned out and i do not regret it. it just wasn’t my time.

since then i’ve been visiting her frequently and there is not one year, where i am not at least one time in that wonderful and beautiful country. i love it there and i can’t wait to go back in october for a couple of days. ❤

so, now you know. i love ireland and everything about it. that’s the personal thing you needed to know for this post.

ire5 ire4 ire2


2.) the second thing is victoria schwab. at the beginning of the year, there was no way to miss the release of the third and final book of the “shades of magic” series. i saw it everywhere. booktube, bookstagramm. everything was full with posts about “a conjuring of light”. so i thought, i’ll give it a try. i was afraid, i wouldn’t like it, because i am not a huge fantasy reader. but oh boy, was i wrong! i looooooved “a darker shade of magic”. then came “this savage song”. i bought both on my kindle, because i didn’t know if i would like them. i LOVED them. i bought the whole trilogy on my kindle, i bought “vicious”, i preordered “our dark duet”, which i also loved so very much.

when i was in LA a couple of weeks ago, i knew, that i needed to buy the hardcover editions of the “shades of magic” trilogy, because i love how they look. the european editions are not as beautiful in my opinion. so of course i bought them in the US. 😀

so, now i had all the books i needed, except one. “this savage song” was only on my kindle and eventually i would get to buy it.



3.) and then this happened. the purpose of this post. 😀 (i’m getting there guys, i’m getting there).

yesterday i was scrolling through my twitter, where i am not really active. and than i saw HER post. she said, she’s in dublin. at the eason store, which i really like and spend time, when i am in dublin. my heart started to pound and i was like: “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? OMG. why now? why not in october? aaaaaaaahhhhhh” yes, i freaked out. big time! then i calmed down. i wrote my best friend. i wanted to know if there is a way, that she could stop by. but she doesn’t live in dublin and there was no possibility. i got sad. but then LIGHTBULB!! 😀

i remembered that one of my bookish friends is in ireland at the moment. i immediately wrote her and told her about the situation. she was free yesterday and went to the event. it wasn’t just a signing, victoria schwab was reading from her books and totally for free, which would never happen here in germany. i was so happy, that my friend could be there and experience this. i wanted her to take some pictures, but her battery was almost dead. so i was sitting at home and waited for her to write me. and then came this:


yes guys. look at this! victoria schwab. holding “this savage song”. signed for alex. signed for me. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

i had tears in my eyes and that just made my day. i was so so so so soooooo happy! i couldn’t thank my friend enough. maybe this isn’t a big deal for some people. but it is for me, and i think if you have a favorite author and don’t get to go to many signings because you unfortunately live in the wrong country, you will understand me. yes, i am a book freak and this signing is everything to me. can you relate at least a little bit? 😀

this post was longer than i intended, but i guess i needed to get it of my chest. 😀 do you like victoria schwabs books? would you be that crazy to bother your friends to just get a signing? 😀 let me know!

17 thoughts on “the one where i got a signed copy of one of victoria schwabs books

  1. That’s so awesome!! Oh my gosh, I’d save that picture forever (which I assume you are, haha). I hope one day she has an event near you and you can actually meet her!! Since your friend was bookish I assume she was happy to go for you? Has she read any of Victoria Schwab’s books?

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  2. Loved this post!!! First of all Ireland is on my bucket list and I would be totally ok with living there myself.;-) and I’m on the third book of Shadows and will be reading her new series Savage Song soon after. I can only imagine how you must have felt. How often do I find out that signings happened just a few days or a week before and i missed it – i hate it!!! So, you go girl!!!

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  3. Ahhhh that’s so awesome!! And also those photos of Ireland are beautiful! I would love to visit Europe some day, but until then I guess I will just live vicariously through people on the internet 🙃

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