my 24 hour readathon

hey guys, i hope you’re great! 🙂 since this week was the big booktube-a-thon on youtube and i couldn’t participate, because my best friend was visiting, i decided to take a break from life and do my own 24 hour readathon this saturday. i decided to start at 12pm, shut off all social media and just concentrate on reading, which went pretty well, i’d say. of course i had some food, also took little breaks and went to sleep, because honestly, i am to old to be up for 24h straight 😀 but most of the time i spent reading and i managed to finish four books! i am very proud of myself and i had an amazing time. just being by myself, reading, enjoying the time i spent in these worlds. 🙂



i really didn’t know, what i wanted to read this saturday, so i just went with my mood, like i mostly do, when it comes to books. i also wanted to read short books, because then i could read more and i guess i thought i would feel more accomplished, which really is the case haha.



i decided to start with “alice’s adventures in wonderland” by lewis carroll. i have never read this book and i always wanted to. of course i knew the story, but i wasn’t a big fan of the movie. this book was picked for august in the rory gilmore reading challenge on goodreads. i know, it’s not august yet, but i was in the mood for it, so i just picked it up. i enjoyed it, because it was written pretty well and i loved some of the characters, including the mad hatter and the cheshire cat. i had my problems with alice, because i didn’t think she was the character, i hoped she would be. all in all it was an average book for me, which i rated 3.5/5 stars. 🙂



the next book i picked up, was “a monster calls” by patrick ness. i wanted to read this book for so long and yesterday i felt like it. i flew through it and the illustrated edition is just wonderful. but i am not gonna lie, this book broke me. i was crying so hard. the last pages, i even couldn’t see what was written in front of me, because i was a sobbing mess. this book was so good but so sad at the same time. i somehow knew, what was coming, but it hit me so hard, that i needed to take a little break to get myself together again. of course i rated it 5/5 stars. 🙂



after i got myself together again, i was in the mood for a classic, so i chose “of mice and men” by john steinbeck. i also wanted to read this one for such a long time. i didn’t really know, what it was a about. i got into the story pretty fast and it was written really good, so that i really felt the atmosphere. i also liked the characters, especially the complex character of lennie. but then the ending came and i was disappointed. i expected something else and i was not satisfied. i just didn’t understand why it ended the way it did. but i am glad i finally read this book, so now i can get it of my list. but i wasn’t blown away, so it just got 3.5/5 stars.



my last book was “the long ride home” by tawni waters. i received this book from netgalley and my full review will follow. i just wanted to say, that this book sounded like a story, i would love. and i did. i gave it 4/5 stars. 🙂 i read the first half last night in bed, because i love reading my ebooks in the dark. it just makes me happy. i finished the second half this morning and was done at 12pm, when my readathon ended. so it all worked out. 🙂

this was a great experience for me and i will definitely do this more often in the future. 🙂 did you read any of those books? are you participating in many readathons? let me know!

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