make me read it read-a-thon 2017

so, i saw this post on ely and michelles blog over at tea and titles and i love the idea! i will definitely participate, yay! 🙂



the rules:

  • look at all your books (physical, audio, ebook, library) and pick a few that you really want to read
  • pick a few more that you actually want to read (if you want to read 2, pick 5. if you want to read 7, pick 10 and so on)
  • make a list of this books on whatever plattform you want (blog, goodreads, instagram, and so on)
  • get friends to vote for the books
  • when the readathon starts, you start with the book that gets the most votes
  • read as many books as possible
  • start: august 6th at 12am in your timezone
  • end: august 13th


my books:



alright guys, now it’s in your hands 😀 choose wisely! i’m very excited haha!

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