unique blogger award

last week i got nominated for the UNIQUE BLOGGER AWARD by the wonderful tracy from books & other pursuits. please go and check out her blog! 🙂


the rules:

  • share the link of the blogger that tagged you
  • answer their questions
  • nominate 8-13 bloggers
  • ask them 3 questions


tracys questions:

1.) what book has disappointed you the most?


i feel so bad putting “a long way to a small angry planet” by becky chambers on this list. but this was hyped so much and i was really disappointed in the end. of course the characters were great. i loved kizzy for example. but i was missing so much. the end was rushed and for me it felt like it was forced to give it a happy ending. there were also some things, i did not agree on and i had my problems getting into this book. it’s really sad, but for me i hoped this book would be so much more.


2.) what is the best book you have read this year?


well, this one shouldn’t be a surprise, if you follow my blog haha 😀 but it’s still “kids of appetite” by david arnold.


3.) what is your favorite book genre?

definitely ya-contemporary. i get lost in these books, they read very easy and i love to go back and compare me growing up with all these characters in those books. it’s a nice way to see different lives at that point and i just love how easy you can get lost in a good written story. 🙂


i nominate:


my questions:

  • if you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
  • what’s your favorite reading spot and why? (insert pic)
  • what’s your most bookish habit?


have fun answering the questions 🙂

10 thoughts on “unique blogger award

  1. Oooo – yay! Thank you for the nomination doll face! Haha – who doesn’t like contemporary? I used to think my favorite genre was classics but now that I’m out of school, I’m coming to realize that I only thought I liked it cause the university curriculum just loveeeesss to drill it into students freakin’ heads! (lol – I’m a bit to passionate about assigned reading lists).

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