US book haul

hey guys, i’m back from los angeles and i am very, very sad. i had an amazing time over there and although i was there on business, i spent a lot of my free time in bookstores. i had too. i mean, i only read english books, so this was heaven for me over there. 🙂

my favorite one was “the last bookstore” in downtown LA. it is such an amazing bookstore. i could have spent hours there, which i unfortunately couldn’t. but i spent some money. 😀


i bought all three “shades of magic” books by v.e. schwab, which contain “a darker shade of magic“, “a gathering of shadows” and “a conjuring of light“. i read them on my kindle, because i do not like the UK editions and that’s the one you can get here. i always loved the US hardbacks, because they look beautiful. and i told myself, that i will definitely return with them. 🙂

the other book i got at “the last bookstore” was “the martian” by andy weir. this is one of my favorite books and i looooooooooove it so much. i only own the movie cover edition, which isn’t that great. i always wanted the floppy paperback and when i saw, that i was on sale, i had to have it. ❤



the other book stores, i went to, where just different barnes & noble stores and other shops. i could have spent all my day there and buy sooooo many books, but that just wasn’t possible. so i just bought two adam silvera books. i have never read anything by him, but i really, really want to and then i saw this signed copy of “history is all you left me” and i haaaad to have it. 😀 i mean, it is signed, so of course i would buy it. and next to it was this wonderful floppy paperback of “more happy than not“. i was sold. it was just that easy haha 😀

i am very happy with my us book haul. let me know what you think about these books. and i was also wondering: how many books do you buy when you go on vacation? 🙂

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