top ten tuesday

i decided to participate in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. right now, the challenge is on a break, so i thought, i would do one of the old topics, so you could get to know me and my taste in books a little bit better. the topic for this week will be:


“top ten books i’d want on a deserted island”


1.) “the fault in our stars” by john green


i need this book. because every time i would be down, i would read it and then cry and then i would know, that i should live life to the fullest.


2.) “the martian” by andy weir


mark watney. he was alone on mars. and if he can do this, i can be alone on a deserted island, right? right! 😀


3.) “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte


this is my favorite classic of all time. i love this book. i love jane and i love mr. rochester. this book would make me happy all the time.  ❤


4.) “persuasion” by jane austen


you gotta have a least one jane austen book with you, right? i love “persuasion” so much and it would be a delight, having it around. also, if i would stumble across some people on that island, they would need to know about classic literature.


5.) “harry potter” by j.k. rowling


i choose this book, because on a deserted island i would maybe finally come to read it. 😀


6.) “kids of appetite” by david arnold


i love this book to death. it has to come with me! ❤


7.) “outlander” by diana gabaldon


james alexander malcolm mackenzie fraser – do i need to say more? DO I??? 😀


8.) “pippi longstocking” by astrid lindgren


pippi is my favorite girls of all time. i loved reading the books about her, when i was a child. i mean, i named my cat after her 😀 it would be great, having her around and thinking back about my childhood. 🙂


9.) “a darker shade of magic” by v.e. schwab


i need to bring at least one v.e. schwab book, so i choose this one, simply because it’s perfection! ❤


10.) “tell no one” by harlan coben


i need to bring a thriller with me and i choose my favorite of harlan cobens books. it brought me back to reading and i will always cherish it! ❤


these were my top ten books for a deserted island. what books would you bring?

13 thoughts on “top ten tuesday

  1. The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favorite books ever. I haven’t had the chance to read the Harry Potter series or the Outlander series yet but I have them in my possession and will get to them soon. I think your list is great.

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