book titles tag

i was tagged by the wonderful hélène from books by leynes to do this book titles tag. it’s a great tag and i am looking forward to do it. let’s just start:



1.) title that’s the story of your life


alex, approximately” by jenn bennett fits just perfectly for this one 😀


2.) title that describes your perfect weekend


give me a good bookshop and i am the happiest person on earth. i could spend there all my time. and if you have the perfect company, nobody beats that weekend. (yes, leni, i am talking about you 😉 )


3.) title of an adventure you’d like to go on


hitchhiking through the galaxy? hell yes!!!


4.) title you want to name your child


i don’t know, if i will ever have children, but if i do, i would name the girl LILA. i just love that name. if it’s a boy, i won’t say the name, because that one will stay a secret 😉


5.) title of your ideal job


i know it’s cheesy, but if i could get paid for reading for the rest of my life, that would be just soooooooooo amazing! ❤


6.) title of a place you’d like to visit


it’s a dream of mine to go and see alaska at some point in my life. i don’t even know why, i just always wanted to go there! 🙂


7.) title of your love life


there’s not much to say about that one hahaha 😀


8.) questions you ask yourself


i think everyone should ask themselves, how they can be good. good as a person, or good at doing something. also, 13 is my lucky number, so thirteen questions why something is the way it is, fits here perfectly 🙂


9.) title of a kingdom you want to rule OR name


i think a kingdom called “wonder” would be awesome!


10.) title you’d name your band


OMG, there are so many! but i like “the light between oceans”. 🙂



i hope you liked my answers. feel free to do this tag or let me know your answers in the comments. 🙂

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