currently reading #2

hello bookworms, it’s time to share my currently reading stats with you. i hope you all are doing great and i wish you a happy weekend! 🙂 ❤





: summer days & summer nights
author: edited by stephanie perkins
genre: anthology
type: paperback
pages: 884
start: 09.07.2017


when i started this book, i was very surprised. the first three stories were weird. i did not like them and i thought: “oh no, what do i do now?” i was so looking forward to some nice summer love stories. but i continued and it definitely got better. stephanie perkins story was soooooo cute. i really loved it and i am happy that i have some of them left.



: because you love to hate me
author: edited by ameriie
genre: anthology
type: paperback
pages: 320
start: 10.07.2017


i was looking forward to this book so much. some of my favorite booktubers contributed to this book and i was excited as hell. i’ve only read three of the stories so far and the only one of them i really loved, was v.e. schwabs in collaboration with jessethereader. that’s no surprise, i mean, it’s v.e. schwab 😀



: jane steele
author: lyndsay faye
genre: historical mystery
type: audiobook
hours: 12h 14min
start: 23.05.2017

i managed to go on with this audiobook and i have to say, that it got better. i am currently at 73% and i really like the development of the story. i am so happy, that i stayed with this audiobook and gave it another chance. i am now very excited to find out, how it will end. 🙂



please let me know in the comments, what you’re currently reading and what you like/dislike about this book. 🙂


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