never will i ever book tag

it’s friday guys – wohoooo! i am really excited, because i will be traveling to los angeles tomorrow and i can’t wait. i guess i will have some time to buy books over there and then i will let you know, what i got. it will be paradise for me. 😀 but before i go, i wanted to do another tag. this time, the “never will i ever book tag”, which was created by Irish Reader.




1.) never will i ever ship this – pick a book/series OTP that you will never ship


well, i’m not gonna say who, but you all probably know, who i mean!


2.) never will i ever forget this ending – choose a book/series ending that you will never forget (in a good or bad way)


one reason, why i will never forget this ending, is because i’ve read this book seven times already. another reason is, that everytime i finish this book, i live in this little cloud, where my thoughts go constantly to this book and i am thinking the crap out of it. honestly, don’t talk to me for a couple of days when you know, i am reading “the fault in our stars” by john green. 😀


3.) never will i ever get over this character’s death – pick a character death from a book/series that you will never stop mourning


i won’t say who dies in this book, but i am going to say, that it ruined this trilogy for me. i literally threw my book across the room and didn’t want to finish this series. i think, i never reacted to a death so much, than this one.


4.) never will i ever stop crying over this book – pick a book/series that you will always cry over (in a good or bad way)


*thinking about this book* – *tears are coming*
*remember reading this book* – *cried continually throughout the last third*
*thinking about this book* – *probably will forever cry about it*


5.) never will i ever read this book/series – pick a book/series that you will never read

darktower discworld

i will probably never read the “dark tower” series by stephen king or the “discworld” series by terry pratchett. you never should say never, but i know, that i am not interested in them, so i will probably never get to them.


6.) never will i ever stop raving about this book/series – pick a book/series you will never stop raving about or recommending


since i don’t want to talk about the same books over and over again, i am going to pick a new one, which i will recommend. go and read the “darker shade of magic” series by v.e. schwab. it’s amazeballs and i love it. kell is my man. love him. love lila. love love love. just go and pick it up! 😀 ❤


7.) never will i ever lend this book/series out to a friend – pick a book/series you will never let someone borrow


probably my hardbacks of “illuminae” and “gemina” by jay kristoff and amie kaufman. i mean, loooooook at them! they are GORGEOUS!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


8.) never will i ever not tag you – tag 3 friends to do this tag that you will never stop tagging

i’m going to tag whoever wants to do this tag. have fun guys and let me know your answers! 🙂


6 thoughts on “never will i ever book tag

  1. Yeeee holla L.A.! Make sure to visit The Last Bookstore which is in downtown L.A.! It sells new and used books and it’s a must see. The store is huge and has lots of comfy chairs to sit and read, I go like every weekend just cause it’s pretty close to where I live.
    I’ve been meaning to start The Shades of Magic trilogy forever now but it always is a bit daunting for me to start a series, hence I still have yet to read a series this year. Yet with all the hype that has been circulating about it lately I better start soon so I can get in on all the ravings ! 🙂
    I look forward to reading more from you in the future… Happy Reading 😀

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