the liebster award



1.) thank the person who nominated you and link their blog

OMG, i got nominated for the liebster award by the great rachel over at talk darcy to me. thank you so much rachel, you made me very very happy 🙂


2.) answer the 11 questions the person asked you

  1. why did you decide to become a book blogger?
    i thought about it for a long time and i needed a place, where i could be creative and where i could put down all my thoughts relating to books. it’s my favorite thing to do and i wanted a collection of my reviews, my tags, my thoughts, my ratings, so here we are. i also love talking to people, who have the same passion as me and i was always an online girl, so after starting my bookstagram, my blog was the next step. 🙂
  2. if you were an author what types of books would you write?
    probably ya-contemporary. it’s my favorite genre and i love getting lost in these stories. in my head, there are a lot of stories i would love to read, so if i was an author, i would just write them down.
  3. what is your least favorite cliche’ in novels?
    i hate love triangles. i really do. please just put two people together and tell their story. why does it always have to be triangles?
  4. if you were only able to read one book over and over again for the rest of your life- what would it be?
    most people who know me would say “the fault in our stars” by john green. but since i have read this book so many times already, i would pick another one. and i guess at this point of my life i would choose “the martian” by andy weir. it’s funny, it’s a great story, it is thrilling and mark watney is the best man ever. ❤
  5. what book do you wish you could go back and unread just so you could read it for the first time again?
    ha, here i can go with “the fault in our stars”. 😀 i want to go back to the feeling, where i didn’t know, what is going to happen and i want to feel all the feels for the first time again.
  6. what is your favorite snack food?
    chips 😀
  7. ebooks or physical books? and if it’s physical books- hardback or paperback?
    i am a fan of both. i like ebooks, because i read them faster and can read them at night, while lying in bed when it’s already dark. but i love the feeling of a physical book. give me a good floppy paperback and i am the happiest person on earth. 😀 (see, how i answered the hardback question there 😉 )
  8. what place is on the top of your bucket list to visit?
    ahhhh, there are so many. but if i had to choose, i would pick alaska. i always wanted to go there. and i will. i know i will!
  9. do you own any sentimental books?
    the only one that comes to mind is my copy of “the sisterhood of the traveling pants” by ann brashares. i bought this, while i did my semester abroad in the USA. i still own it, although it looks very, very bad. 😀
  10. what is your favorite book cover of all time?
    OMG, that it a tough question. i can’t answer that. but i love all the penguin english library editions, they are gorgeous! ❤
  11. if you had one wish that would come true no matter what, what would you wish for?
    i would love to have the ability to teleport myself. it would save so much time and so much money. this would make a lot of things easier for me and would also make a lot of other wishes come true.


3.) nominate 11 people (comment on their blog to let them know)

i am still getting to know all the blogs out there. but i nominate some of the people that have been very nice to me the past weeks. thank you so much guys! ❤ 🙂

Uniquely Magic – annie shares my love for “kids of appetite” by david arnold ❤

Journey into Books – michaela is so kind and nice, check her out 🙂

Never not Reading – katie is so nice and i love her blog so much 🙂


4.) ask the people you have nominated 11 questions

  • who’s your favorite author of all time?
  • if you could read only one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • used books or brand new ones?
  • what’s your favorite place to read?
  • where do you want to travel at some point in your life?
  • what’s the first book you remember reading?
  • how many books do you own?
  • what are three hyped and popular books that you didn’t like?
  • what languages do you speak and which one would you love to be able to speak?
  • who are your auto-buy authors?
  • how many books are on your physical tbr?


that’s it guys. i hope you liked my answers and i’ll be talking to you soon. have a great day! 🙂

13 thoughts on “the liebster award

  1. The Fault in our Stars is one of my favourite contemporary books, love triangles are one of my worst bookish pet peeves they’re so overused. Thank you so much for nominating me and for the kind words 😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww, thanks for nominating me, that’s so sweet!!! I already did this one a couple of weeks ago. I would do it again, but I’m on vacation and I got tagged four times today, lol. Got to make choices!

    But the old/new books question was a REALLY good one! I love new books, but I’m discovering that I love old books too. Old books are more comfortable to read, I don’t have to worry as much about keeping them nice, and they stay open better. Also, and this might sound weird, but the pages are softer. But they smell really nice too. But new books also have such a nice smell! I wouldn’t even be able to pick between them.

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