top ten tuesday

i decided to participate in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. right now, the challenge is on a break, so i thought, i would do one of the old topics, so you could get to know me and my taste in books a little bit better. the topic for this week will be:


“top ten of my latest five star reads”


1.) “kids of appetite” by david arnold


this may come to no surprise to you, if you’ve read my other blog posts. i love this book so much. the writing, the characters, the story, the quotes. it’s just perfect! ❤ ❤ ❤


2.) “a man called ove” by fredrik backman


i laughed and i cried. this book put me through all the emotions that are possible. i love ove, i love the other characters and my heart broke a little after reading this wonderful book! ;-(


3.) “fangirl” by rainbow rowell


i got this book in a book box and while reading it, i got to open presents. most of them were related to the book, so the experience was something special. but nonetheless, i loved this book so much. it is exactly what i like in ya-contemorarys. as a fangirl myself, it was a pleasure to be part of caths development. also, don’t get me started on levi. i love this guy. ❤


4.) “a darker shade of magic” by v.e. schwab


i am not really a fantasy reader, but this book was hyped so much, that i wanted to give it a try. and oh boy. it was my first book by v.e. schwab and by now, i almost read all of them. i totally fell in love with her writing and i was fascinated by the world in this trilogy right from the start. also, bad boy kell was my man. i fell in love with him and lila bard is like one of the best female badasses i know. i really enjoyed everything about this book and the whole trilogy was just so good. 🙂


5.) “our dark duet” by v.e. schwab


since i am already talking about v.e. schwab, i thought “our dark duet” fits perfectly in this list right now. i enjoyed “this savage song” very much. it was a little bit confusing for me in the beginning, but i started to love it very soon and i was so excited for the conclusion. and this one was perfect. i didn’t find anything that i didn’t like. i loved the development of the characters, i loved the new bad guy and the ending satisfied me perfectly. a wonderful duology, that i will always look back on with positive thoughts. ❤


6.) “geekerella” by ashley poston


this book came at the right time for me. i was in a very big reading slump and i listened to this on audiobook. and. it. was. perfect. i laughed, i was happy, i cried, i was angry. i felt so many emotions but i enjoyed this so so so much! as a ya-contemporary lover this read was just perfect. again the fangirling, yay! give me more! 😀


7.) “the hate you give” by angie thomas


i was afraid of this book, because it was hyped so much. i also knew, that it would be an emotional challenge for me because of the topic. i am not living in the US, so i don’t know much about this situation over there, but just reading about it, gave me the chills. i loved the writing of this book and the story broke my heart. i am so happy that i read it and in my opinion this book deserves all the hype it gets.


8.) “simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda” by becky albertalli


i’ve heard a lot about this book before i read it and it had me intrigued. and in the end i loved everything about it. the story was so good and the characters went straight into my heart. i love simon and i love blue and i love the ending and everything in between. again, give me more! 😀


9.) “fuzzy nation” by john scalzi


since reading “the martian” by andy weir (which was one of my favorite books last year), i am in love with sci-fi books. i love getting lost in this world so far away. and since “the martian” was funny, i was searching for another sci-fi book that would make me laugh. i found “fuzzy nation” and when i heard, that wil wheaton is narrating it, i had to listen to the audiobook. and it was so worth it. this was such a fun ride. i loved the narration and the story was so cool. the little fuzzys were my highlight and jack holloway is such an asshole of a character, that i could not not love him 😀 yes, i have a heart for bad boys. this book made me laugh and cry and i really recommend it, if you like funny sci-fi books. but listen to it, because wil wheaton is doing an amazing job! 🙂


10.) “dark matter” by blake crouch


last but not least we have a mystery/thriller on this list. i am a huge fan of a good mystery thriller and this book did everything right. since years i have this theory about parallel universes and this book just hit home. my thoughts put down into a story and it was so so so good. my mind was blown and i didn’t know what to think in the end. i enjoyed it so much and the conclusion of this book was really good. it’s a page turner and you need to know how it ends right from the start. and that makes a good mystery to me.



so, these were my top ten of my latest 5 star reads. i probably forgot some important ones, but i am happy with my choice. did you read any of these books and did you like them as much as i did? please let me know in the comments. 🙂

8 thoughts on “top ten tuesday

  1. I think our reading tastes are crazy similar. Proof: I LOVE A Man Name Ove. I checked out Geekerella from the library yesterday. Fangirl and A Darker Shade of Magic are both on my list of books to read. And of course, as we’ve already discussed, Kids of Appetite is great. This is SO COOL!

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