the goodreads book tag

hello wonderful people. ❤ it’s friday and i have a very great weekend in front of me, because one of my friends is getting married. yay to love! ❤

i saw this tag on destinys over at howling libraries. i wasn’t tagged, but i was in the mood for another tag post, so here we go:




1.) what was the last book you marked as “read”?


one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus. i just finished this book yesterday and here you can find my very long review (WARNING: spoiler alert), where i ramble about my thoughts, which are still undecided a little bit. *facepalm* 😀


2.) what was the last book you marked as “tbr”?


don’t let go by harlan coben. you should know this about me. i had a long break from reading and this author brought me back. last year i read three of his books over one weekend and i was back in the game. i love his thrillers, they are soooooo good. you can’t put the book down until you reach the end, because you keep guessing all the time. when i read on twitter, that he has a new stand alone coming out this year, i immediately preordered it and marked it as tbr. i can’t wait!


3.) what book do you plan to read next?


eliza and her monsters by francesca zappia. i see this book EVERYWHERE. i wanted to buy it, when i’m in the US in the upcoming weeks, but i couldn’t wait. it just sounds so good and exactly what i want to read right now. i loved “fangirl” by rainbow rowell and i hope this book will be similar to it. can’t the postman arrive already? 😀


4.) do you use the star rating system?

yes i do. it’s ok, but i miss the half or the quarter stars, because sometimes the full star rating is just not that exact as it should describe your feelings for a book. i am annoyed, that i have to put into my review, that it’s not full 4 stars, it’s just 3.75 or 4.5 stars. sometimes i don’t want to write anything in the review, but with this, i always need to complete the rating with a sentence. yes, such things annoy me 😀


5.) are you doing the 2017 reading challenge?

of course i am. i set my goal to 80 books, which sounded reasonable for me. i really wanted to read so many books this year. but the first half of the year went pretty well for me and right now i am at 69 read books – yay me! 😀 right now i am still in a little reading slump, but i am confident, that i can manage my 80 books (and maybe more). 🙂


6.) do you have a wishlist?

i don’t. well, maybe. i have a “to-read” shelf which is pretty much my wishlist, because my bought tbr-books have their own shelf. so every time i buy a book it leaves my “to-read” shelf. currently there are 89 books on it, which is pretty much, considering my very, very huge tbr, which i don’t want to share, because i am so ashamed. 😀


7.) which book do you plan on buying next?


when dimple met rishi by sandhya menon. i will be in the US for business in the upcoming weeks and i am not sure, what i will buy there. but i will definitely get me some books, because i can’t wait to be in english bookstores. i will have to restrain myself. 😀 but i know, that i want to listen to “when dimple met rishi” as my next audiobook. so that’s what i will get soon (when my credits arrive) 🙂


8.) do you have any favorite quotes?

OMG, yes! a lot! i love quotes. i have a lot of pages in my book journal dedicated to quotes, but i wanted to do a separate post on that, so you will have to wait for that. 😉


9.) who are your favorite authors?

definitely john green, v.e. schwab & harlan coben. i feel like i’ve read enough books by them to say, that they are my favorite authors. but i am pretty sure, there will be more in the future! 🙂


10.) have you joined any groups?

yes, the most important one is the traveling book project germany group. also, there’s the rory gilmore reading challenge group. i am a huge fan of the tv show “gilmore girls”, so that i joined this group to read as many books as possible. i want to be like rory 😀
there are also a few readalong groups i am part of.


so, that’s it. i hope you liked this tag post and feel free to do it yourself 🙂 have a happy weekend!

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