book review // “geekerella” by ashley poston

geekerellatitle: geekerella
author: ashley poston
genre: ya-contemporary
type: audiobook
duration: 10h 32min
start: 23.06.2017
finish: 27.06.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“My dad said that the impossible is only impossible if you don’t even try. So I want to try.”


what it’s about:
after the death of her father, elle lives with her stepmom and her stepsisters in her childhood home. she has to take care of everything and isn’t even appreciated. she runs a blog about the famous show “starfield” and when she gets the news, that darien freeman should play prince carmindor in the reboot, she’s furious. but somehow their lives intertwine and both their lives are turned upside down.


what i think:
do you know the feeling, when the right book comes at the right time? i am currently in a reading slump and it’s hard to get out of it, because my rerun of “friends” takes up all my time. but “geekerella” by ashley poston was the perfect book to give me so much joy. i listened to it on audiobook and maybe that was the reason, why i gave it such a high rating. this audiobook was narrated so well, that it gave me all the feels. i laughed, i smiled, i teared up and i had this “i feel amazing”-feeling while listening to it.

elle is a beautiful character. i can relate to her so much. yes, she is insecure, she doesn’t stand up for herself and just takes everything in, what is thrown at her. at some point she just doesn’t want to take it anymore and i loved her development. she becomes a strong character throughout the book and that’s what i enjoyed about her. the narration also made you feel her feelings. when she was at a low point, you could feel it and it gave me goosebumps. i loved the fact, that she is a nerd for this show “starfield” because i also can relate to that very much. isn’t there a fangirl in everyone of us? 😀

dariens character blew me away too. he also made a big change in this book and i really enjoyed how he stood up for himself. the fact, that his dad was such an a.. made me furious and it was time, that someone slapped him in the face.

but it’s not the main protagonists that ruled this book. sage was so much fun and i loved her. she was so good to elle and the slowly developing friendship warmed my heart. she’s a badass character and fit so well into this story.
there is not much to say about the stepmom and the stepsisters. it’s like in cinderella. they are evil. and when chloe did what she did, i almost screamed loudly, but then i remembered i am out in the open 😀

the love story in “geekerella” was so cute. i am a big sucker for romance books. give me a good romance book or a romcom and i will loose my place in reality. i love me some good romance. 😀 that’s why this was so cute to me. it developed slowly. and yes, i admit that it is not realistic at all and it also doesn’t make a lot of sense, but come on: it. was. so. cute. that’s a fact i can totally ignore, because i enjoyed it to much. yes, it had its flaws and yes, you can argue with it. but fluffyness sometimes wins. 😀


what you should know:
“geekerella” is a cinderella retelling in the modern world and it is done beautifully. it has its charme and it just makes you happy. yes, it’s not realistic and at some point its too much, but it is just a cute, adorable, romance between two characters, that need to change their life and help each other with that. it’s a perfect read for the summer, where you can just turn off your head and thoughts and just enjoy. it’s a story that warms the heart and if you like fluffy, cute romance stories, then this book is perfect for you.
i would recommend listening to the audiobook, because the narrators did an amazing job, where you really could relate to the characters. the only thing, that bugged me in the beginning was the slow read. i listened to this at 1.5 pace, because the usual narration was too slow for me.



“geekerella” on goodreads
ashley poston on goodreads

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