first date book tag

hello lovely people! i hope you had a great weekend full of wonderful books! i was lazy and i am in kind of a reading slump right now, so i hope by reminding me of some books, i can get out of it. 😀
i am going to choose books from the contemporary (romance) genre, because i think they fit really great with this tag. also, i love me some good contemporary, yes i do. 😀


1.) the awkward first date – a book where something felt off. it wasn’t a bad book, but lacked that spark for you

54C0574F-8717-4356-8AF7-68821E377E1Cfor this one, i am going to go with “alex, approximately” by jenn bennett. i loved the idea of this book, because “you’ve got mail” is one of my favorite movies of all time. and this book wasn’t bad at all. i really enjoyed it. but something was missing. i think it was to predictable and the author took away the big twist way too early. i think it would have been better, not to know some things from the start.


2.) the cheap first date – a book that turned out less than you expected

“the upside of unrequited” by becky albertalli. i looooooved her first book “simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda” and i was really looking forward to this one. it is hyped a lot and everyone seems to love it so much, but i can’t say the same for me. i had my problems with the characters and also the story didn’t have a great impact on me. it’s sad, because this book is very diverse and has some fun dialogue. but it couldn’t meet my expectations and the ending was way too rushed for me.


3.) well-prepared first date – better than expected

IMG_7917i heard a lot of mixed things about the “to all the boys i’ve loved before” series by jenny han. my expectations weren’t that high, so i would not be disappointed. and i wasn’t. i really enjoyed this series and i fell in love with all the characters and the story. it was funny and sad and beautiful and a really great read.


4.) hot but dumb – pretty book, not so hot on the inside

i feel bad writing about this book, because i feel, that everybody loved it, except me. i am talking about “eleanor & park” by rainbow rowell. this book has an amazing cover, which was one of the reasons why i wanted to read it. but unfortunately, i was not the biggest fan of it. i could not connect to the characters and i did not like how the story unfolded. some things didn’t make sense to me and i was really disappointed in the end. please don’t hurt me!


5.) blind date – book you picked up not knowing anything about it

“kids of appetite” by david arnold was recommended to me by goodreads, so i picked it up, knowing nothing about it. i think i read the synopsis quickly, but when i picked it up in the end, i knew nothing. and that was good, because it became my favorite read of this year. this book is so wonderful and i tell people to read it all the time. do it. read it. really. now.


6.) speed dating – book you read super fast

IMG_7641i think that i read most of my ya-contemporaries in almost one sitting. they are just easy to read and you can get lost in them and suddenly the book is over. but this one i remember specifically. i was about to go on vacation and i had to read “fangirl” by rainbow rowell. so i sat down and read it because i couldn’t start packing and preparing before finishing this book. it didn’t took me long and it was also such a great and fun read. levi, i love you! ❤ 😀


7.) the rebound – a book you read too soon after a book hangover and it kind of ruined the book for you

i usually don’t get book hangovers or at least i don’t remember one. after a hard book i mostly read contemporaries, because they are easy and fun, so i don’t give that book hangover a chance at all. 😀


8.) overly enthusiastic date – a book that felt like it was trying too hard

i going to go with “if i stay” by gayle forman. i think this book is based on an interesting idea and it’s a hard topic too. you can do a lot with it. but i had the feeling, that it was clear from the beginning, where this will lead. of course it happened that way, although throughout the book everything led to another ending. i don’t like when books try hard to convince you of one thing, but you know all the time, that this ending will never happen.


9.) the perfect first date – book that did everything right for you

i have to pick my favorite book of all time and it is after all these years still “the fault in our stars” by john green. this book is perfection for me. i love every page, i love every character and i love the story. this books just did everything right. and after reading it seven times already, i still love it so much.


10.) humiliating first date – book you’re embarrassed to admit you liked / embarrassed to see reading in public for whatever reason

IMG_1948i guess “fifty shades of grey” by e.l. james fits perfectly into this category. i am a little bit embarrassed, that i like this trilogy. there are so many reasons for that, which i am not going to get into. but i like it, i do. i wouldn’t read it in public though 😛

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