top 10 books in 2017 (so far)

starting this post, i put some question marks into the title, because i don’t know, what number my top will have in the end. so let’s find out together, what my favorite books in 2017 are so far. i have read 66 books this year so far and i am going to pick my favorite in each of the genres i read.


1.) favorite ya-contemporary

: kids of appetite
author: david arnold

goodreads review:
“they lived and they laughed and they saw that it was good” – this book hit me straight into my heart. i loved everything about it. i loved the writing, i found myself lost in it. i loved the story which was so beautifully written and implemented so good! the characters and the POVs were so good and i loved how everything came together. all these different characters became one and everyone was so special and had their own story that got me so deeply. the last 30 pages or so i was just a mess and couldn’t stop crying. “i saw that it was good.” i marked so many quotes and i will need to get back to them really soon. i want to give this book 10 stars. i will keep it in my mind and heart and i won’t let go. this could become my new favorite book – it just sparked something that hit me so hard. just beautiful! thank you david arnold for all the feelings i felt while reading this book and the emptiness i feel now after reading it. “memories are as infinite as horizons”



2.) favorite ya-fantasy

: our dark duet
author: v.e. schwab

goodreads review:

ok, maybe i should put some more words to that! 😀 i read this one in almost one sitting and i loved it. i was so happy to see my man august back and i really enjoyed the story. i had a lot of wtf-moments and i couldn’t put this book down. i liked the development of the characters and i liked the new villain, which brought so much suspense. but also other characters got their chance to shine. kate was just badass and august was ❤ i loved this ending of the duology and after reading it, i tried to find something, i didn’t like. but there was nothing!



3.) favorite ya-dystopia

: catching fire
author: suzanne collins

goodreads review:
certainly did not expect THAT!!! :O

i really loved “the hunger games” by suzanne collins. i wanted to read the series this year and i read all three books on one weekend. the first book was amazing and i had so much fun reading it. but i loved the second book a little bit more. it was just perfect and had my favorite character introduced – finnick. i love that guy. the suspense was good, i felt all the emotions and i was so invested in the story, that i really really loved this. but don’t get me started on “mockingjay” 😀



4.) favorite ya-sci-fi

: steelheart
author: brandon sanderson

goodreads review:
EPIC! (see what i did there :P)

after reading “the martian” by andy weir last year i wanted more sci-fi in my life. i looooove sci-fi books. so i was happy to get my hands on “steelheart” through the traveling book project germany. this story was so amazing and i had so much fun reading it. david is an awesome character, whose intentions i totally get. the side characters were also amazing and i had to laugh so many times. this book is thrilling but also very funny, so it makes you smile a lot and you can just enjoy. of course i read the whole series and enjoyed it. i bought myself a copy after reading it and i got it signed by brandon sanderson. i will always cherish this book.



5.) favorite sci-fi

: fuzzy nation
author: john scalzi

goodreads review:
this. was. aweeeeeesome!!!! wil wheaton as narrator is amazing!!

yes he is. i listened to the audiobook of this, because i like wil wheaton and i wanted to see, how he’s doing this. and it was great. i had so much fun. jack holloway is such an asshole but on the other side such a cool character, that i instantly liked him. the story is so cute and i loved the fuzzies. i had a lot of feelings throughout this book, but mostly i enjoyed the fact, that it was funny and i had to laugh a lot. really cool sci-fi book and the narration was such a good job.



6.) favorite fantasy

: nevernight
author: jay kristoff

goodreads review:
wow! wow! wow! this book! what a ride!!!! i loved it! the story, the characters, the twists and the writing! i can’t give it full 5 stars because it is really hard to get into this book. took me about 80 pages to get used to the writing. but then i fell in love with it and it was soooo good! there was no boring page, the pace was great and the development too. also the twists, wow. just wow. can’t wait for “godsgrave”!!!




7.) favorite thriller

: dark matter
author: blake crouch

goodreads review:
OMG. THIS. BOOK. :O i couldn’t put it down, no chance at all! it was such an interesting story that the pages kept turning! it was so thrilling and weird at the same time, the idea was just perfect and this is definitely an exceptional book! if you like thrillers and plot twists and “time” travel, READ. THIS. BOOK.




8.) favorite classic

: persuasion
author: jane austen

goodreads review:
4.5 – i enjoyed this one way more than “pride & prejudice”

after reading “pride & prejudice” by jane austen i had very mixed feelings towards her other novels. i was scared i wouldn’t like them. but since i heard, that this book has the most beautiful love letter, i had to read it. and i did not regret it. this is still my favorite austen so far. i am a sucker for romance, so this classic hit right home. i loved the two protagonists and the side characters. and the story was beautiful. definitely worth a read.



9.) favorite fiction

: a man called ove
author: fredrik backman

goodreads review:
this was a wonderful book which left me in tears! 😭 i loved every page of it. i love ove so much. the other characters are wonderful. the story is beautiful and told so well. i laughed and i cried! i love this book! ❤️

please guys, go read it. it is wonderful. a man, who lived through so much in his life. who won and who lost. a beautiful story, that leaves you behind with so many emotions, that you can’t just sort through. i still think about this book and ove, because it hit me right in the heart.



10.) favorite non-fiction

: a brief history of time
author: stephen hawking

goodreads review:
murphys law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!
wow, i never thought, that this book would be so good! at the beginning i just thought, i will read some pages a day over the month of february, but i just couldn’t put it down! just on friday i had a discussion with some friends, that it’s hard for me to imagine stuff about the universe. and now this book! although it was published 1988, it is still so fascinating and interesting! it was such a fun ride and yes – brainfuck! 😀 but i really loved it. yes, it is sciency but understable and makes a lot of fun! this topic is still a brainfuck for me but i enjoyed it a lot!


so guys, that are my favorite books of 2017 so far. i hope you like my overview and let me know about your favorite books so far. 🙂

6 thoughts on “top 10 books in 2017 (so far)

      • I have read them, but it was a good few years ago. I remember i wasn’t all that keen at the time, but I’m interested to see whether my opinion will be different now 🤔


  1. A Brief History of Time sollte ich wohl auch mal lesen… Es freut mich auf jeden Fall zu hören, dass es anscheinend keine zähe Kost war. 😀

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