readers confession tag

it’s time to confess some things about my books 😀

1). have you damaged your own book?

IMG_7086if you consider breaking the spine or writing into books, then definitely yes! 😀 but for me that is not damaging a book. breaking a spine usually happens, if it’s not a floppy paperback. i can’t to anything about that. and writing in my books is a habit i recently developed and i love it. it’s nice to go back to the books i’ve read and see what i marked and thought and what was important to me. 🙂


2.) have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

no. i am always very careful with borrowed books, because they are not my own and i don’t want anything happening to them.


3.) how long does it take you to read a book?

FullSizeRenderthat depends. if it is a ya-contemporary, fluffy and cute, i mostly read it in one sitting. if it is a classic, it takes me longer, but i also spread reading it throughout the month. the fastest i can read a book, is on my kindle. i do not annotate then and i can just fly through it. it’s hard to answer that, because it always depends on the genre or the length of the book. but, i am not a huge fan of books, that don’t intrigue me or i need a long time to get through. then i loose my motivation for it.


4.) books that you haven’t finished

currently i have “ulysses” by james joyce, “dragonfly in amber” by diana gabaldon, “little women” by louisa may alcott and “catch-22” by joseph heller on that list. BUT. these are all books, i want to get back to and read them. i am sure, at that moment it wasn’t the right time and i will give them another try, because i really want to read them and i still have interest in them.


5.) hype/popular books you don’t like?

it’s not that i did not like it. but i wasn’t the biggest fan of “the upside of unrequited” by becky albertalli. everybody is a huge fan of this book and the story, but it didn’t click with me. i like the diversity in this book but there was something missing for me.


6.) classics you didn’t enjoy

i wasn’t a huge fan of “dubliners” by james joyce and also “the adventures of huckleberry finn” by mark twain wasn’t for me. i really had problems with the slang and also the story wasn’t that gripping for me.


7.) books you bought to look smart

haha, that’s a cool question. i guess i bought some of my russians classics to say, that i have read them. but i don’t know, when this time will come. 😀


8.) books you have that you haven’t given back

i do not borrow many books, but i have “the archived” and “the unbound” by victoria schwab at home. a very good friend of my borrowed them to me. i want to read them first to see, if i want to own them myself. 🙂

2 thoughts on “readers confession tag

  1. Haha einfach mal mit den guten Russen protzen, so ist das also. 😉

    Ich bin ja mal richtig gespannt, ob du dich durch “Ulysses” durchkämpfen willst… Das ist ja so das Horror-Buch im Klassikerbereich, weil es sich so endlos ziehen soll und keiner es fertig liest. 😀


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