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hello bookish people. since this is my first official blog post, i’d thought, i start with my currently reading stats.

according to goodreads i am currently reading four books. that is much, but i want to explain the list.



: i’ll give you the sun
author: jandy nelson
genre: ya-contemporary
type: paperback
pages: 429
start: 11.06.2017


i started reading this book because i got it as my random read for the month of june. after several books by v.e. schwab i wanted to read something lighter. but: i didn’t know what it was about and it seems more depressing than i thought. the writing is also different from other writing styles and i have to confess, that it’s hard for me to pick the book up and get into this style again. so far, i like the idea of judes point of view when she and noah are 16 and which tells us the present, after the “incident”. the other point of view is noah at age 13, which tells us the past and the before the “incident”. i am curious to find out, what finally happened and how things come together.




: jane steele
author: lyndsay faye
genre: historical mystery
type: audiobook
hours: 12h 14min
start: 23.05.2017

i use audible for my audiobooks, so i get one credit per month and always choose an audiobook for the month. i wanted to read “jane steele” for a while, because i love “jane eyre” and you can always get me with a good thriller or mystery. so this seemed perfect. but i have to be honest. at first, i was very happy about the british accent of the narrator, but i really do not enjoy the story. it’s boring and i really need to force myself to listen to it. i am not sure, if i will finish this audiobook, but i’ll let you know.




: little women & good wives
author: louisa may alcott
genre: classic
type: paperback
pages: 464 pages
start: 27.05.2017


first of all: i love that edition. a friend of mine and me were looking for an english bookstore in leipzig and finally found a store, that had a variety of english books. we found these editions and since i wanted to read this classic for a while, i bought it. last month was the official bookbuddyathon. my friend and i decided to participate and extend it for the whole month. i chose this book for a book that starts with your friends initials, which is “l”. i really enjoyed this book but right now it is sitting on my “currently reading” shelf, because other books got in the way. and also, bookbuddyathon is over. BUT i want to finish it this month. let’s hope, this works out 😀



Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon
title: dragonfly in amber
author: diana gabaldon
genre: historical fiction
type: paperback
pages: 950 pages (?)
start: 26.03.2017


this book, oooooh, this book. at the end of last year, i read “outlander”, the first book in this series. and i loved it. yep, i am in love with james malcolm alexander mackenzie fraser. of course i wanted to continue in this series. and “dragonfly in amber” got chosen for my tbr challenge this year. i was very excited to start it and it was one of the books i brought with me on vacation. BUT, there is a big but. it was sooooo hard to get into it. i was so confused about the start of this book and i really didn’t like it. it was exhausting and that’s why i stopped at 14%. i don’t know if and when i will continue with this series, altough i really want to. i am just afraid, that nothing will ever be as good as “outlander”. oh jamie…

let me know, what you are currently reading and if you are enjoying it 🙂

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