WWW wednesday #4

www wednesday is hosted by sam on Taking on a World of Words. everyone can participate in answering the three questions below and posting a link on sams website or just answer the questions on her post, if you do not have a blog.

the three questions are:

1.) What are you currently reading?
2.) What did you recently finish reading?
3.) What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?


title: because you love to hate me
author: edited by ameriie
page: 288


What did you recently finish reading?


title: summer days & summer nights
author: edited by stephanie perkins
rating: ⭐⭐⭐.5


What do you think you’ll read next?


title: the hating game
author: sally thorne
new audiobook



title: the long ride home
author: tawni waters
netgalley arc



on my trip to los angeles, i finally finished “summer days & summer nights”, edited by stephanie perkins. there were some stories, i really loved, but there were also some i really didn’t like. all in all, i gave it 3.5/5 stars. have you read it? did you like all the stories?

what are your three www? let me know in the comments! 🙂

the “friends” character book tag

confession: i rewatch “friends” every year. i love this comedy and i will always love it. each time i find something new i love about that show. so when i saw this original tag on haleys blog over at fangirl fury, i HAD to do it. this is perfect for me, because it combines my love for books and my love for this show ❤


the rules:

  • answer the following questions
  • tag your fellow bloggers, vloggers
  • mention haleys original post in your tag

the questions:

1.) Rachel: a character whose wardrobe you want to steal


well, of course i wouldn’t want to wear his wardrobe all the time, but i definitely would steal the space suit of mark watney from “the martian” by andy weir. i mean, come on, it’s a space suit. doesn’t everybody want to wear a space suit at some point in their life? 😀


2.) Joey: a book that left you mind-blown


i have a feeling, that i am repeating myself on this blog, but i had to put this book down for this question. “dark matter” by blake crouch was whhhuuuuaaaaat???? i mean, i was reading this book, i couldn’t put it down and i couldn’t believe what i was reading. the concept of all the parallel universes and the traveling through them, it just messed with my head completely! such. a. great. book.


3.) Chandler: a book that made you laugh out loud


i could have taken “the martian” again, but where would be the fun in that? 😀 so instead, i am choosing another sci-fi book, that made my laugh so much. “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” by douglas adams. this was the first book i’ve read this year and it was a perfect start. i loved the characters, especially the depressed roboter marvin, who made me laugh the entire time throughout this book. it’s funny, it’s so enjoyable and a sci-fi must-read in my opinion! 🙂


4.) Monica: a book that made you hungry


this one wasn’t hard at all. the first book that came to my mind, was “to all the boys i’ve loved before” by jenny han. why you ask? cookies guys. all those cookies!!!!!!! ❤ 😀


5.) Ross: a book that gave you all the feels


i’m not gonna go with “the fault in our stars” by john green or “a man called ove” by fredrick backman, because i already talked enough about them on this blog. that’s why i choose “the book thief” by markus zusak. i read this book in one day and i was a complete mess afterwards. i think the second half of this book was spent with drying my eyes, because i was crying all the time. this book made me feel so much and it just broke me. the writing is so beautiful and the story just punches you in the heart.


6.) Phoebe: a quirky & enjoyable read


a year of marvellous ways” by sarah winman is different. but it’s so good. the writing is beautiful, although i think you have to get used to it. this is a story about an unlikely friendship between a soldier and an old woman. it’s beautifully told and it will make you tear up. it’s different than other books but it’s worth the read 🙂



i tag:

unique blogger award

last week i got nominated for the UNIQUE BLOGGER AWARD by the wonderful tracy from books & other pursuits. please go and check out her blog! 🙂


the rules:

  • share the link of the blogger that tagged you
  • answer their questions
  • nominate 8-13 bloggers
  • ask them 3 questions


tracys questions:

1.) what book has disappointed you the most?


i feel so bad putting “a long way to a small angry planet” by becky chambers on this list. but this was hyped so much and i was really disappointed in the end. of course the characters were great. i loved kizzy for example. but i was missing so much. the end was rushed and for me it felt like it was forced to give it a happy ending. there were also some things, i did not agree on and i had my problems getting into this book. it’s really sad, but for me i hoped this book would be so much more.


2.) what is the best book you have read this year?


well, this one shouldn’t be a surprise, if you follow my blog haha 😀 but it’s still “kids of appetite” by david arnold.


3.) what is your favorite book genre?

definitely ya-contemporary. i get lost in these books, they read very easy and i love to go back and compare me growing up with all these characters in those books. it’s a nice way to see different lives at that point and i just love how easy you can get lost in a good written story. 🙂


i nominate:


my questions:

  • if you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
  • what’s your favorite reading spot and why? (insert pic)
  • what’s your most bookish habit?


have fun answering the questions 🙂

US book haul

hey guys, i’m back from los angeles and i am very, very sad. i had an amazing time over there and although i was there on business, i spent a lot of my free time in bookstores. i had too. i mean, i only read english books, so this was heaven for me over there. 🙂

my favorite one was “the last bookstore” in downtown LA. it is such an amazing bookstore. i could have spent hours there, which i unfortunately couldn’t. but i spent some money. 😀


i bought all three “shades of magic” books by v.e. schwab, which contain “a darker shade of magic“, “a gathering of shadows” and “a conjuring of light“. i read them on my kindle, because i do not like the UK editions and that’s the one you can get here. i always loved the US hardbacks, because they look beautiful. and i told myself, that i will definitely return with them. 🙂

the other book i got at “the last bookstore” was “the martian” by andy weir. this is one of my favorite books and i looooooooooove it so much. i only own the movie cover edition, which isn’t that great. i always wanted the floppy paperback and when i saw, that i was on sale, i had to have it. ❤



the other book stores, i went to, where just different barnes & noble stores and other shops. i could have spent all my day there and buy sooooo many books, but that just wasn’t possible. so i just bought two adam silvera books. i have never read anything by him, but i really, really want to and then i saw this signed copy of “history is all you left me” and i haaaad to have it. 😀 i mean, it is signed, so of course i would buy it. and next to it was this wonderful floppy paperback of “more happy than not“. i was sold. it was just that easy haha 😀

i am very happy with my us book haul. let me know what you think about these books. and i was also wondering: how many books do you buy when you go on vacation? 🙂

top ten tuesday

i decided to participate in the “top ten tuesday”, which is a weekly challenge hosted by the broke and the bookish. right now, the challenge is on a break, so i thought, i would do one of the old topics, so you could get to know me and my taste in books a little bit better. the topic for this week will be:


“top ten books i’d want on a deserted island”


1.) “the fault in our stars” by john green


i need this book. because every time i would be down, i would read it and then cry and then i would know, that i should live life to the fullest.


2.) “the martian” by andy weir


mark watney. he was alone on mars. and if he can do this, i can be alone on a deserted island, right? right! 😀


3.) “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte


this is my favorite classic of all time. i love this book. i love jane and i love mr. rochester. this book would make me happy all the time.  ❤


4.) “persuasion” by jane austen


you gotta have a least one jane austen book with you, right? i love “persuasion” so much and it would be a delight, having it around. also, if i would stumble across some people on that island, they would need to know about classic literature.


5.) “harry potter” by j.k. rowling


i choose this book, because on a deserted island i would maybe finally come to read it. 😀


6.) “kids of appetite” by david arnold


i love this book to death. it has to come with me! ❤


7.) “outlander” by diana gabaldon


james alexander malcolm mackenzie fraser – do i need to say more? DO I??? 😀


8.) “pippi longstocking” by astrid lindgren


pippi is my favorite girls of all time. i loved reading the books about her, when i was a child. i mean, i named my cat after her 😀 it would be great, having her around and thinking back about my childhood. 🙂


9.) “a darker shade of magic” by v.e. schwab


i need to bring at least one v.e. schwab book, so i choose this one, simply because it’s perfection! ❤


10.) “tell no one” by harlan coben


i need to bring a thriller with me and i choose my favorite of harlan cobens books. it brought me back to reading and i will always cherish it! ❤


these were my top ten books for a deserted island. what books would you bring?

book titles tag

i was tagged by the wonderful hélène from books by leynes to do this book titles tag. it’s a great tag and i am looking forward to do it. let’s just start:



1.) title that’s the story of your life


alex, approximately” by jenn bennett fits just perfectly for this one 😀


2.) title that describes your perfect weekend


give me a good bookshop and i am the happiest person on earth. i could spend there all my time. and if you have the perfect company, nobody beats that weekend. (yes, leni, i am talking about you 😉 )


3.) title of an adventure you’d like to go on


hitchhiking through the galaxy? hell yes!!!


4.) title you want to name your child


i don’t know, if i will ever have children, but if i do, i would name the girl LILA. i just love that name. if it’s a boy, i won’t say the name, because that one will stay a secret 😉


5.) title of your ideal job


i know it’s cheesy, but if i could get paid for reading for the rest of my life, that would be just soooooooooo amazing! ❤


6.) title of a place you’d like to visit


it’s a dream of mine to go and see alaska at some point in my life. i don’t even know why, i just always wanted to go there! 🙂


7.) title of your love life


there’s not much to say about that one hahaha 😀


8.) questions you ask yourself


i think everyone should ask themselves, how they can be good. good as a person, or good at doing something. also, 13 is my lucky number, so thirteen questions why something is the way it is, fits here perfectly 🙂


9.) title of a kingdom you want to rule OR name


i think a kingdom called “wonder” would be awesome!


10.) title you’d name your band


OMG, there are so many! but i like “the light between oceans”. 🙂



i hope you liked my answers. feel free to do this tag or let me know your answers in the comments. 🙂

currently reading #2

hello bookworms, it’s time to share my currently reading stats with you. i hope you all are doing great and i wish you a happy weekend! 🙂 ❤





: summer days & summer nights
author: edited by stephanie perkins
genre: anthology
type: paperback
pages: 884
start: 09.07.2017


when i started this book, i was very surprised. the first three stories were weird. i did not like them and i thought: “oh no, what do i do now?” i was so looking forward to some nice summer love stories. but i continued and it definitely got better. stephanie perkins story was soooooo cute. i really loved it and i am happy that i have some of them left.



: because you love to hate me
author: edited by ameriie
genre: anthology
type: paperback
pages: 320
start: 10.07.2017


i was looking forward to this book so much. some of my favorite booktubers contributed to this book and i was excited as hell. i’ve only read three of the stories so far and the only one of them i really loved, was v.e. schwabs in collaboration with jessethereader. that’s no surprise, i mean, it’s v.e. schwab 😀



: jane steele
author: lyndsay faye
genre: historical mystery
type: audiobook
hours: 12h 14min
start: 23.05.2017

i managed to go on with this audiobook and i have to say, that it got better. i am currently at 73% and i really like the development of the story. i am so happy, that i stayed with this audiobook and gave it another chance. i am now very excited to find out, how it will end. 🙂



please let me know in the comments, what you’re currently reading and what you like/dislike about this book. 🙂