my pre-ordered books for the rest of 2017

hey guys, today i thought i won’t do a tag post, because sometimes you have to do different things, right? i looked at my amazon list and saw, that i have five pre-ordered books that should arrive this year. and i can’t wait. that’s why i wanted to share my picks with you and why i am anticipating these releases so much! so let’s just get into it:




1.) “turtles all the way down” by john green – release date: october 10th, 2017


if you’ve read my blog, you’ll know, that “the fault in our stars” by john green is my favorite book. even after the seven times i’ve read it. i love this book. i love everything about this book. i have also read “looking for alaska” and “paper towns” and i love those too. i can say, that i love his writing, his stories, his characters and the feeling i get, after reading his books, which is pretty much wandering around and thinking about my life. 😀 yepp, i am that deep haha!

when i heard, that he has a new book coming out this year, i freaked out. i was so happy and i immediately pre-ordered it. last week, the cover was revealed and i think it’s ok. i don’t like orange, but whatever. it’s a john green book. so yeah, i can’t wait for this and my expectations are already soooooo high, that i am afraid of this book. but one step at a time.


2.) “godsgrave” by jay kristoff – release date: september 5th, 2017


look at this cover! i mean, LOOK AT IT! it is gorgeous! this book should be soon in my arms and i freaking can’t wait. i loved “nevernight” so much. yes, i had problems getting into it, but the first 60 pages don’t count for me. i loved the rest. everything. i had all the feels. crying, laughing, shock, anger, just everything. i can’t wait to see how mias journey will go on. please let it be september soon!!!!


3.) “artemis” by andy weir – release date: november 14th, 2017


i have such high hopes for this book, it really scares me. i loooooooooved “the martian”. i am currently listening to the audiobook again, because i just can’t get enough. the story, the writing, mark watney ❤ love love love. when i heard, that andy weir has a new book coming out, i was dancing. whoooop whoooop! i pre-ordered it immediately. some people in the book world already have an arc of this and the opinions are very different for this book. but i try not to get influenced by it and i am really really looking forward to this book! 🙂


4.) “don’t let go” by harlan coben – release date: september 26th, 2017


since i love a good thriller or mystery and harlan coben is the reason why my book world got to where it is, “don’t let go” was immediately pre-ordered by me, when i found out, there will be a new book by him. i try not to get too much information about the thrillers, because i want to go in blind and be surprised what will happen. since i haven’t read a good thriller recently, this one will be perfect for me. 🙂


5.) “release” by patrick ness – release date: september 19th, 2017


the paperback version of “release” is already available since a couple of months. so you might ask, why i pre-ordered the hardcover. well, it’s pretty simple. i LOVE this cover. yes, i am totally in love with it. and it was on pre-order sale, so i had to take the chance. i recently read “a monster calls”, which was my second book by patrick ness and i just love his writing. that’s why i pre-ordered this wonderful hardcover and can’t wait to start reading it. 🙂



these are all five books i have currently pre-ordered. i am sure, there will be more, but so far i am really happy about these choices. are you planning on reading some of these books? let me know, which books you have pre-ordered?

the awesome blogger award

so, it’s been a while since i did an award post, but i have been nominated recently by three wonderful bloggers and i thought, now it’s time to do the post. i want to thank noriko @diary of a bookfiend, donna @moms book collection and hannah @peanutbutter & books so much for nominating me. you guys are amazing. please everyone, go and check out their blogs. you will have a lot of fun! 🙂

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this is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. they have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. that is what truly defines an awesome blogger.

the rules:

  • thank the person who nominated you
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norikos questions:

1.) what movie have you watched recently? was it good?

haha, just yesterday, i watched the jane austen book club, because noriko reminded me of it and i love this movie. i felt like i needed a break from reading, but with this movie i still felt, like i was doing it. so win-win! thanks noriko! 😀


2.) what food would you recommend everyone to try at least once?

oh my god! what a question! i can’t cook at all, so never ask me to give you some food. but since i was born in poland and my grandmother makes the best pierogis, i would suggest everyone to try these with potato filling. awesome and yummy as hell! ❤


3.) what are some of your hobbies?

obviously reading and blogging. 😀 but i also count my cats as my hobby. and i love playing games, like family games. i love to sit in the park and just play the whole day.


4.) what’s your beverage of choice?


coffee, coke, tea – in that order


5.) do you collect anything other than books?


back before my book phase, there was a huge movie and tv series phase. i have a huge collection of dvds/blurays of movies and tv series at home!


6.) what is your favorite season?


it’s a mix between summer and autumn. i love summer, because i love to get some tan, go outside in the park, lie in the sun and read. i am a sun girl. if there is water somewhere near, the better. but since i am very sensitive to weather change and the weather does get tricky here in the summer, i prefer autumn, because it can still be warm but you can breathe! 😀 also, the colors in autumn are amazing! ❤


7.) what do you spend most of your time doing?

working, reading, blogging, instagramming and socializing with my friends. also listening to music, because music is always playing in my background.


8.) what is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

i recently watched “the outsiders” and i have to say, that i am a big fan of that movie!


9.) tell us something about yourself?

there is not a month going by, where i don’t arrange something different in my apartment. bookshelves, furniture, whatever. something always has to change.


10.) what is your favorite book of 2017 so far?


still “kids of appetite” by david arnold! ❤



donnas questions:

1.) what is your proudest achievement?

being where i am doing all by myself.


2.) what is your favorite blog post that you’ve written?

i think my “top ten books of 2017 so far” post. it was one of my first posts and i knew, i would have a lot of fun with this blog! 🙂


3.) if you could spend a day in any city, where would it be?

london. i have never been there and i always wanted to. also, the bookshopping! can you imagine! :O ❤


4.) what is your favorite tv show?


drama: gilmore girls, sitcom: friends ❤ ❤ ❤


5.) do you have any pets? share a photo if you want to.

IMG_0408 IMG_0513

yes, i do. i have two cats. brother and sister, named paulchen and pippi. their 2nd birthday is on september 5th and i love them with all that i have!


6.) do you prefer reading in first or third person? present or past tense?

first person, because i love to know about the feelings and thoughts of a character. tense doesn’t matter to me.


7.) what is your favorite time of the year?

christmas. i love being with my family, eat a lot and spend the days playing games.


8.) the best book you’ve read recently?


my latest five star read was “the outsiders” by s.e. hinton. i still think about this book and i also have the urge to reread it!


9.) your favorite item of clothing?


definitely my converse all star chucks. like all 25 of them! 😀


10.) what was your favorite movie to watch as a kid?


“e.t. the extra-terrestrial” – i loved that movie. i knew it by heart. i watched it, brought the tape back to the start and watched the movie again. i was obsessed with e.t.



hannahs questions:

1.) what’s your favorite book of 2017 so far?

“kids of appetite” by david arnold (in case you missed the first answer 😀 )


2.) what food/drink would you want to try the most from any book?


definitely all of lara jean’s cookies. oh boy, while reading all about these cookies, i wanted to have them all! 😀


3.) what’s your favorite love triangle that actually worked??



4.) what’s your number one #BROTP? (it’s like an OTP, but for bros. as in bromance!! as in wholesome platonic relationships.)


i’m picking kell and rhy from the “shades of magic” series by v.e. schwab. i mean they are not related by blood, but they are like brothers. i love these two and their relationship and how they would to everything for each other! ❤


5.) what’s your number one book-related pet peeve?

i hate it when paperbacks are not floppy. i mean, i get mass market paperbacks, i try to stay away from them. but there are also big paperbacks and for me they always should be floppy. please give us more floppy!


6.) what’s one culture you always love reading about?


the irish. i love the irish! ❤ ❤ ❤


7.) which character do you hate with a burning passion?

still haven’t come across that one!


8.) which character do you love with a burning passion?

oh my god, where do i even start? :O :O how can you even ask me that question? *startstopanic* (levi, kell, august, kaz, henry, vic, … IT JUST NEVER STOPS!!!!)


9.) blandest character you’ve read about this year?

i have read so many books this year. no one in particular comes in mind…


10.) favorite smell?

the smell after a summer rain, the smell when you blow out matches



wow, i made it! 😀 i hope you are still here reading this hahaha 😀 i hope you liked my answers to all those questions and let me know, if you have different answers. 🙂

here are my nominations, because those people are awesome:


and here are my questions (a mix of all the above):

1.) what food would you recommend everyone to try at least once?
2.) which character do you love with a burning passion?
3.) do you prefer reading in first or third person? present or past tense?
4.) if you could spend a day in any city, where would it be?
5.) do you collect anything other than books?
6.) what was your favorite movie to watch as a kid?
7.) what do you spend most of your time doing?
8.) tell us something about yourself?
9.) favorite smell?
10.) what’s your favorite love triangle that actually worked??

book review // “they both die at the end” by adam silvera

theybothdieattheendtitle: they both die at the end
author: adam silvera
genre: ya-contemporary
type: eARC provided by harperteen/edelweiss
release date: september 5th, 2017
pages: 384
start: 18.08.2017
finish: 19.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“I don’t know how to do this. No one gives you lessons on how to brace everyone for your death.”



thank you so much to edelweiss and harperteen for providing me with this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

what it’s about:
mateo and rufus are about to die. they get a call after midnight on september 5th telling them, this will be their last day. both live very different lives and have very different pasts but they connect via the last friend app and meet each other to be the other ones last friend on a day, that will change their lives.


what i think:
“they both die at the end” is my first adam silvera book. yes, i know. i am doing it backwards. but i desperately wanted to read this book and i was so happy and thankful about receiving the ARC for it. it took me two sittings, because i could not put this book down. it was a fast read and i immediately fell in love with silveras writing. it’s beautiful, it’s easy, you fly through it and it’s just amazing what he can bring to paper.

i have to say, that i was a little bit skeptical and i tried to mentally prepare myself for what i was about to read. i am not the best person when it comes to thinking about or dealing with death. it makes me really uncomfortable and when you look at the title, you definitely know, what’s coming at you. also, everyone is saying, that silveras books are emotionally draining and that’s another thing, what i was preparing myself for. i think i shut a little bit down emotionally, so this book wouldn’t hit me so hard.

but it still did. definitely. i had tears in my eyes, but the most thing i took away from this book is hope. every time i read books about living your life i take away this hope and this good feeling and that’s definitely what this book accomplished for me. of course i was really sad but on the other hand i was also happy, that these characters lived through all this and got to experience what they experienced.

rufus and mateo are just adorable. i love them so much. they are deeply in my heart now and i will cherish them forever. i love how different they are and i love how different their pasts were. but they still connect and i love this concept of this book. you can meet your last friend. like a dating app but with a very very bitter ending. still it gave me hope, because even in the worst point of your life you can meet the person, that changes you. i felt very connected to mateo, because i am not a big risk taker and sometimes i wish i would crawl out of my hole and be more open. i love that he took the risk with rufus and those two had all their adventures. my heart was full of love for those two and i could gush a lot more about what they were to each other and how amazing i think their journey on that day was.

i really can’t say anything negative about these characters and i love how they are separate and together. it makes my heart beat faster. so cute! the only negative thing i have to say about “they both die at the end” is the Death-Cast itself. you never get to know what’s behind it, how it developed and how it is working. it’s kind of mysterious and it is just there, which is kind of creepy when you think about it. i wished, there would have been some kind of explanation.


what you should know:
“they both die at the end” is a beautifully written book about living your life to the fullest, because it could be over any second. it will definitely make you think. not just about those characters, it will make you think about your own life. it will hit you heavy at some points. it will make you cry. but it’s also a beautiful story about two strangers, who meet and live a wonderful last day together.

this book is written with mainly mateo’s and rufus’ point of views, but there are also different povs from other side characters. those characters are important but their povs are in my opinion unnecessary and just get between the story of mateo and rufus.

i shielded myself from the whole topic of death, so that i probably didn’t have the whole emotional experience. i guess, it could have hit me way harder. so be prepared. this book could be a hard and though read.

are you going to read “they both die at the end” by adam silvera? what are your expectations?

“the both die at the end” on goodreads
adam silvera on goodreads

book review // “red rising” by pierce brown

redrisingtitle: red rising
author: pierce brown
genre: science-fiction dystopia
type: paperback
pages: 382
start: 14.08.2017
finish: 17.08.2017
rating: ⭐⭐⭐.75


“You do not follow me because I am the strongest. Pax is. You do not follow me because I am the brightest. Mustang is. You follow me because you do not know where you are going. I do.”



what it’s about:
darrow is a red. he lives in a world, where he works all day just to guarantee a good future for his family. what he doesn’t know: he is a slave. manipulated to make him think he’s working towards a world, where mars can be place for everybody to live. a tragic event is making him sacrifice everything, because the world he knew is not all that’s out there.


what i think:
this book, oh this book! i wanted to read “red rising” for such a long time now, because i only heard great things about it. when i picked it up, i was a little bit scared. the first pages were confusing. i couldn’t get into this book. there were all those words i didn’t know and i had the feeling that i missed the introduction to the world that exists in “red rising”. i confess, that i had my problems. and with that, it was not easy to get through this book fast. i think, i never needed to invest so much time to read a 380 pages book. the writing is difficult, because there is no way, you can read it fast. it somehow drags and i was afraid, that i wouldn’t get through it.

but then stuff happens. oh my god, there is so much stuff happening. after 50 pages i was shocked. emotionally a total wreck. because all those things in this book are so graphic. there is no beautiful way to describe horrible things happening, and pierce brown sure doesn’t do it. he writes about violence in a really detailed way and i honestly was shocked. this book is definitely not for young adults. there is some heavy stuff in it and it is written so visually, that i had to take a breath in between. BUT, on the other hand, that’s what kept me going. because all those cruel things made me want to go on a journey with darrow.

darrow is a character, whom i was lucky to like, because i think, that if i didn’t like him and couldn’t connect with him, this book would have been not for me. all the events happening to him, all his feelings moved me so much, that i was totally on his side and rooting for him. he didn’t annoy me and i could understand every decision he made.

but not just darrow. the cast of characters is fantastic. i admit, there are a lot of characters and sometimes it’s confusing, but the main characters stand out and each and every one of them is different. this is a mix of crazy, strong, weak, emotional and cold characters, which leads to not knowing, what the hell is going to happen. and that’s a big plus for this book, because the twists are very good. i had no idea what was coming at me, but i wanted to know and i needed to know. and although this book wasn’t easy for me to read and it wasn’t a fast read, i was hooked and i was invested in these characters and the story, so that there was no chance, that i would stop reading this book.

i have to give this book less than five stars, because i struggled. yes, i struggled through reading it, because i do not like slow paced books. although so much stuff is happening, it was still a slow read and usually i do not like these kinds of books. i also didn’t like, that i was thrown into this world and basically it felt like i should know right from the start, how this worlds works. all the words, all those characters. it was like there was no build up and i was just supposed to know, what’s going on. and the last point, which i wasn’t satisfied with, was the resolution around mustang. she is a great character and i really came to love her. but the way pierce brown went in the end with her, was not what i wanted.


what you should know:
“red rising” is definitely no young adult book. violence is portrayed very detailed and there is a lot of stuff happening, which i think is not for young adult readers. so be aware  of a lot of violence when you go into this book. the world is a little complex and you won’t have a lot of introduction, you will be thrown in immediately.

i didn’t really know, what this book is about, when i went into it and that is good. because afterwards i read the synopsis on goodreads and i would recommend not doing this, because it tells you way to much. the way i did it, is best i think and i am happy about it, because the events happening at the beginning of this book totally caught me by surprise and were actually the reason, why i got so invested in this book. i think the goodreads synopsis takes a lot away from the surprise effect.

last thing you should know is the pace of the book. it is no easy read and definitely no fast read, at least it wasn’t for me. i struggled and that’s why i can’t give this book more stars. but on the other hand i got to spend more time with the characters. i really liked the big cast of characters and they surprised me all the time. you will be sucked in into this world and the twists and turns will make you turn the pages. because this book does everything right. the suspense, the wtf-moments, the surprises, it is full of those and you will get emotionally involved. i will definitely continue with the series, but i think i will need a little break first.


first of all, i want to thank everyone who told me, they are looking forward to my review and my thoughts on this book. that really made me very happy! you guys are the best! ❤ 🙂

and now, have you read “red rising” by pierce brown? please let me know in the comments and we can discuss this one! 🙂


“red rising” on goodreads
pierce brown on goodreads

the unpopular opinions book tag

yay, it’s thursday, which means, time for a tag. well i could do a tag everyday, but that would be kinda boring, right? 😀 but today i am in the mood for it and since the wonderful charlotte annelise tagged me for the unpopular opinions book tag, i thought i give it a go. i wanted to do this tag for a while now and now i can, yay! (well i still could have just done it, but what can ya say, i love being tagged haha 😀 )




1.) a popular book or book series that you didn’t like

upsideof  alongwaytoasmallangryplanet

ok, hear me out. it’s not that i didn’t like these books. i just didn’t enjoy them as much as other people did. the hype for these books was huge and i hoped, that i would love them as much as others did. but that wasn’t the case. i really liked how diverse “the upside of unrequited” by becky albertalli was. the cast of characters was amazing. my only problem was with molly. i couldn’t connect with her at all. i don’t know why. but she was annoying me and i really had my problems with her. that’s why i couldn’t enjoy this book that much.

as for “a long way to a small angry planet” by becky chambers, i really loved some of the characters. i mean, kizzy is like the best. but the story dragged for me. i had problems with the writing and i couldn’t really get into it. it took me a very long time to finish this book and i thought the ending was forced way too much. it just wasn’t for me and i was so sad, because i was really looking forward to it!


2.) a popular book or book series that everyone else seems to hate but you love


it seems as everyone hates the “after” series by anna todd. everywhere i look, people are so mad about it. and i get it. there is some unhealthy stuff in it. and it shouldn’t work, but for some reason it did for me. i read 2,5 books during one week on vacation, because i couldn’t put it down. and these books are huge! i was lost in that world and these characters kept me turning the pages. i flew through these huge books and i really enjoyed them.


3.) an otp that you don’t like


nope, just nope! i really wasn’t a fan of mia and adam in “if i stay” and “where she went” by gayle forman. they didn’t click. i couldn’t feel it. unfortunately, because otherwise this series would have been much better for me. but i had problems with them and with the books itself. this just wasn’t for me.


4.) a popular book genre that you hardly reach for

historical fiction. i don’t know why, because most of the time i enjoy it, when i start a historical fiction. but i hardly reach for it. it’s hard for me, because i have so many other books i want to read before i pick up a historical fiction book. am i afraid i won’t like it? am i afraid it will bore me? i don’t know, don’t ask me 😀


5.) a popular/beloved character that you do not like


eleanor. i didn’t like her. she ruined this book for me. i couldn’t connect with her. she annoyed me and it was just meh. i was soooo looking forward to this book and it didn’t work for me because of eleanor. i think this is the only rainbow rowell book, i wasn’t a big fan of.


6.) a popular author that you can’t seem to get into

that’s hard for me to answer, because there are popular authors, i haven’t read yet. i will do a separate post on that one soon. but so far i haven’t read any of their books so i can’t say if i can get into their books or not.


7.) a popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing

love triangles. and this goes for everything. movies, tv shows, books. i hate love triangles and the whole “who-is-the-right-one-for-who”? that annoys me so so so much. why can’t just two people be put together and then tell their story. and don’t go back and forth between all characters. ah, that makes me mad. just do it like they did it with nathan and hailey in “one tree hill”. first season, together, after 9 seasons, still together. nothing else. perfect couple. love it! i’ve read a lot of contemporary romances in the last year and i am so happy, that most of them focused on one OTP and not a love triangle. thank you so much for that! 😀


8.) a popular series that you have no interest in reading

vampireacademy darktower thelightningthief

i’m pretty sure, i will never read the “vampire academy” series by richelle mead. i am just not interested in it. also, “the dark tower” series by stephen king. there are just waaay too many books. and last but not least, i won’t read any series by rick riordan. i know, they are supposed to be really good. but i am just not interested in them.


9.) the saying goes “the book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or tv show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

brooklyn 13reasons

when it comes to movies, i really enjoyed the adaptation of “brooklyn” by colm tóibín. i liked the book but the movie had the better ending. i mean, it was the same ending, but the movie executed it way better than the book did!

as for tv show adaptations, i have to say “thirteen reasons why” by jay asher. i really liked the netflix series, because it somehow gave me so much more the story. and through visualizing it, i was way more emotionally involved.



that’s it guys. these were my answers. please let me know, which answers you would pick for the questions! 🙂

and saving for last, i tag:

WWW wednesday #6

www wednesday is hosted by sam on Taking on a World of Words. everyone can participate in answering the three questions below and posting a link on sams website or just answer the questions on her post, if you do not have a blog.

the three questions are:

1.) What are you currently reading?
2.) What did you recently finish reading?
3.) What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?


title: war and peace
author: leo tolstoy
page: 63
status: project is still going strong!



title: red rising
author: pierce brown
page: 75
status: the beginning was confusing, but know i need to know, what’s going to happen!


What did you recently finish reading?


title: carry on
author: rainbow rowell
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5


What do you think you’ll read next?


title: they both die at the end
author: adam silvera
eARC provided by edelweiss+



what are your three www? let me know in the comments! 🙂

top 5 wednesday: characters’ fitness routines you want

top 5 wednesday is a weekly challenge where you can pick your top 5 for the topic of the week. you can find more information about it on goodreads.




this weeks topic is: characters’ fitness routines you want

this can be interpreted a bunch of different ways! fitness comes in many different packages. this can be about characters who are super fast, strong, agile, good at dancing, good at climbing, athletes, or foodies! whatever it means to you. this is inspired by those routines you see in magazines for actors, but with more of an open mind and less body shaming

so, let’s just be honest with ourselves. i am not the biggest fitness person. the most sports i do is turning around while reading 😀 no, it’s not that bad, but i am really not the biggest sports person. so therefore, i’ll choose characters, that are way better than me 😀


1.) “nevernight” by jay kristoff


did you see, what mia corvere can do? that girl is so badass. not only as a person, she has also amazing skills and does what she thinks she needs to do! i mean, she’s attending a school for assassins. i think you couldn’t get more fit than there. 😀


2.) “catching fire” by suzanne collins


the skills these kids have in this series are amazing. i am specifically talking about katniss everdeen and finnick odair here because i love them 😀 “catching fire” is my favorite book of the series and i love how katniss and finnick work together, become friends and fight everything and everyone who comes their way!


3.) “six of crows” by leigh bardugo


i had to include inej ghafa in this list. inej is another female badass character whom i love very much. she is known as “the wraith” and she sometimes is invisible, at least that’s how it feels like. she can climb and get to places no one else can. and she doesn’t make a sound, which makes her the perfect spy.


4.) “a gathering of shadows” by v.e. schwab


i think i have a theme here 😀 i guess i like badass female characters haha. but i mean, come on. lila bard. that girl. first of all she is a thief, a very, very good thief, which is a bad skill, but it’s a skill she’s really good at. but then in the second book “a gathering of shadows” she can do so much more. i am just saying this: elements!


5.) “outlander” by diana gabaldon


james alexander malcom mackenzie frasier. yes! this man! maybe he doesn’t have the greatest skills, but this guy is a very strong man and he can fight. and he can take. a lot. he’s going to do everything for the people he loves and that counts for so much more! ❤



so these were my character choices. what do you think? who is missing here and who would you choose? let me know! 🙂